Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What on earth am I doing here!!!!!

It is becoming glaringly obvious
 that I haven't a clue what I am doing here
I should have waited until I had observed more blogs!
I should have waited until I knew how to download images!
I should have waited until I knew where I wanted to go with this!
I should have waited to practice my photography! 
(sincerely hope they are not dead flies on the windowsill but have  a dreadful feeling they might be!!!) 

The top two images are out of my ideas box
 but I had cut of the bits that said where they came from
 but I think probably OZ H&G. My apologies to whoever!

They were in the ideas box because we currently live 
 in what someone jokingly said was a museum.
There is no doubt it suits the house but I no longer want
cedar furniture or an old double brick home that
 lets the dust and draughts in.

We want to sell this monster
 and I want to build a SHED
 with one large kitchen eating and living area,
 a small library with book shelves on all the walls
 and 3 bedrooms (but only because we might have to sell one day)
I want limed French furniture, 
Limed 6" wood floors lots of french doors leading out to the pool
10' ceilings (ours are currently 14'! )

I also want lots of white covers as the above images!
These are of course dreams as we have four large dogs who believe it is their right to live inside and their right to claim the lounges for themselves! (Sick to death of everything being covered in old sheets to keep reasonably clean!)

BUT....I am planning it all and my file box (full to the top) is quite large.
Lise, our beautiful daughter, and her family gave us a scanner for Christmas and it arrived this week. I have no idea how to use it yet but I am practicing so anything could happen here! 


  1. Hello, I also love the 2nd photo and have been carrying the magazine that it appeared in around the world with me.

    Do not worry about the "starter part" it will all happen naturally :-)

    Welcome to bloggyville, where all you need is a camera and a computer.In return you will make freinds with fabulous people and learn about their life, no matter where they are in this big world of ours.

    Happy blogging,

    Leeann x

  2. Leeann
    thank you for visiting and your comments I will continue because I am having fun and my scattered daughters are getting a laugh. You are right I look forward each evening to sitting down and catching a glimpse of everyone

  3. Leeann is absolutely right Julienne! Your words are wonderful, & your brilliant old house just delightful. Welcome to an amazing world that will draw you in & hold you spellbound. I hope you've warned your Significant Other about how you will be otherwise occupied.
    Millie ^_^

  4. Hi Julienne let me at your house. It looks divine and I would have a field day with white paint in there. What gorgeous character is has. Thanks for stopping by. Sandy x

  5. Millie thank you for coming by and no I have not told my significant other and he is already getting just a wee bit testy! Will have to get him started on his own as he has a column in the local rag as a cranky old man and people love it!

  6. Sandy you are welcome any time to come along with your can of white and brushes! thank you for your comments

  7. Hi Julienne

    Don't panic - you're doing brilliantly! I don't think anyone has a clue what they're going to do when they start but everyone seems to develop their own style and this is what makes the blogging world so exciting. Just relax, be yourself and enjoy! PS I enjoyed your little rant about your house and your darling dogs. Leigh

  8. Thank you Leigh for the encouragement I will just keep on being me I guess!!!!


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