Sunday, January 31, 2010

Somethings got to go!

This shot is taken from our front door leading down the hall.
the stained glass door is about two thirds of the way
down. The hallway beyond that was originally the
staff hallway. Leading from the kitchen to the dining room
and to staff bedrooms  and the breakfast room.
With 5 children this size house was good
 but now they have all left home
 and don't come back as often as I would like
 it is far to big for us and we
 don't have the staff they had when it was built 105 years ago,
 to keep it as clean as I would like!
Because I am an addicted hoarder 
I really need to start getting rid of things
 but I have no idea where to start!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

No more babies to admire

Yesterday I mentioned Maggie's visit to the vet
I thought you might like to see her last litter
1 tartan bear
1 cream dog
a  grey cat
1 tennis ball coloured green
Each one had been carefully selected
 for its obvious class and breeding
 and many a soft cuddly piece
 was ignored in favour of the tennis ball
For six weeks we were invited to admire
 and pet these precious babies 
as they were presented to us each morning. 
Woe betide Souki if she even looked in their direction, 

 so poor pet spent most of the six weeks
 on her bed at the back door wondering what had happened to her best friend

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It rained again today. 
With just a few clouds, a grumble or two
 and lots of sunshine peeking through
 the cloud above just opened and down it came.
 The gutters couldn't cope within seconds
 and the verandah hid behind sheets of water.
 Winnie and Wells (my old and trusted blues)
 found their safety corners behind the chairs.
 Souki (the saluki) lay on her bed on the back verandah
 pining for her sister Maggie (the borzoi) 
Poor Maggie was carted of to the vets today
 for the big operation...
No more phantom pregnancies for her!

Perhaps the drought
has really broken after ten long, long years!!!!!.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

to cool days again

No water running yet but 8" of rain
 has brought up the green grasses.
 We had three glorious days of cool weather
 but the heat is back 
and with it the humidity
 so the conditions are pretty awful.
 Today was 102 degrees, 
tomorrow expected to be hotter.
 And bless their little cotton socks they always
 measure the temperatures in the coolest place in town.
I do just love to read all those beautiful blogs
 from the other side of the world 
and for a few moments I actually feel cool so thank
you ladies!


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