Thursday, September 30, 2010

black dogs and body art...!

Not so long ago 
I found a photo
 I felt I just had to share
and today when the 'black dog'

                                                                by Rachel Howard

came creeping along 
peering over my left shoulder
and trying to grab my attention
I went for a wander on Google
 to see if I could find more on 
body art
 and found these

I'm sure this is what I look like as I meditate
in an attempt to get the 'black dog' to leave

and it took  a while before I actually
 knew what I was looking at here,
giving the black dog permission to back off
and lie down!

and maybe this is a tattoo 

By the time I had finished looking  
and falling in love with brown and blue as a colour way
 the black dog
had become more like this

Small white and totally irritating but 
also... totally manageable!

Dodie Smith said
Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression. 

for me it is Blogging

! ! !
Thank you all for just being here 
and once more I am linking to

Jenny Matlock and Alphabet Thursday.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog Avenue...!

The Avenues of life can lead you
to very strange places

Some of us stay on the highways
never follow the byways

Oh what they miss

The small side road that led me to 
blog land was
unmarked, unfamiliar
and totally unknown

but with a whispered direction
from a friend
 take it, I did,

 and what enormous pleasure
 I have received
from this little side trip
down a strange avenue

Last night I took another avenue
one I had passed daily
mapped on my blog
but never more than glanced at

I thought I knew it so well after all 
on yours I had traveled it frequently
to end up in delicious places

Last night I traveled my own
I pressed

you might also like:

on my own blog

It was like a new world
Did I really write about that!
what was I thinking!
Is that really my untidy hall!
Obviously I was feeling down that night!
Oh pretty pictures, forgot I had those!

Sometimes it was like reading
 something someone else had written


The beauty of it all was to read the comments
in context with the post and altogether

There are some incredibly beautiful people
out there and they visit me

I will be, forever,  grateful
that I took that first turn
off my well traveled road 
and went down the Blog Avenue

Go visit yourself
if you haven't already
the second journey
will often show you what you missed
the first time round 
in your hurry 
to finish the trip 
and start on another

I am linking to 

alphabe-thursday at Jenny Matlock


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family history AND a beautiful home!!!!

My family has a history with the
Hunter Valley
do you remember Ambrose and Bridget Rotton?
their Grandson, a few times removed,
Walter Rotton arrived in Sydney,
 via Tasmania, in 1821

He had quite a history
 which is a story for another time
 but he was one of the early settlers
 in a town called Maitland 
and he had a beautiful daughter
 named Jane (Granny Singleton) 
who in 1844 married a gentleman
 named John Singleton
John's father, Benjamin, was one of the first settlers
 in the beautiful Hunter Vally
 and in fact the town of Singleton still carries his name.


I was looking for somewhere to live in Singleton
after all it does have a lot of family history
and I found

 Hamilton Park here

Again, out of our price range at $799.000

it sits on 85 acres (and has horse yards Renee!)

the gardens are spacious

and the pool and it's surrounds

are big enough to cater for my entire family

You guessed it!

it's that red again

but in this instance they have carried the same
colour almost all the way through

with lots of white I don't think it is too heavy, do you?

even the bathroom

Although someone in the family obviously didn't want red!

I have that dressing table and at present I am wondering
if I will paint it white,

I am not sure about the red carpet but heck I'm not going
to be that picky!

I really love this house it has that look of being there for 
a while, I love all the white and the red and most of my
furniture would fit in

Now all I need to do is win the lottery
 so we can have some money to live on


Friday, September 17, 2010

A red door get's me every time...!

As we search for that ever elusive place
 that is both new enough, old enough,
small enough, big enough and
at a price we want to pay 
I am amazed
 at some of the wonderful renovations
and remodels
This small 1880's workers cottage in
Launceston in Tasmania can be found here

With it's fresh coat of paint 
I imagine it fits nicely with it's neighbours 
but when you enter the gate to the side

you suddenly find yourself in another era
I really like the use of the ripple iron 
and as it's me looking at this
I cannot go past the red door

now that you have stepped inside 
would you believe this is the same  house

The open spaces 
where once would have been small cramped rooms

the vast expanses of glass and the light!

I really like the use

of the red and white colour scheme throughout

and then the addition of the calming green for
the sleeping area

The drama continues at the rear of the property with  
the decking and the original shed

The selling agents describe it as

"Offering three generous bedrooms, 
master with ensuite and walk-in robe, 
separate bathroom / toilet and open plan living zone at the rear,
 this property offers
 the romance of Tasmanian heritage (1880's)
 and the comforts of modern living.

The historic shed has been converted
 to offer the property a further versatile space
 for use as a studio, wine cellar,
 library or parents / teenagers retreat. 
Full length glass doors warm the extension
 with sunlight and connect the informal meals / lounge area
 with the stylish outdoor living zone.

The materials used in the development
 of the property are of the highest quality 
and sympathetic to the class of the
 original cottage and surrounding area. "

Do you like this one?


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It has taken forever to work out
the camera to computer problem
but finally (I think) we have fixed it
so here is a pic
of my

that I boasted about here

right front above was my perfect one

the rest just tasted perfect!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

history for sale...but not to me...damn!!!

We are on the search for a new home
which makes the real estate sites
my favourites
(next to my blogging sites of course!)
so I thought
I would show you,
each week,
some of the amazing properties 
I find
like this one

this is Dysart house
in Kempton Tasmania
which is within easy commute of Hobart

It has been extensively renovated

has a coach house and stables

and sits on 5.8 hectares

these are just some of the 22 rooms!

The style is Greek revival or Georgian

and it still appears to have all it's beautiful
Georgian windows

The agents are asking for expressions of interest!

the colours throughout are just wonderfully lush
I would like it fully furnished thank you!
so I could sit here for the recital each night
note the harp!

The kitchen appears to have retained the cupboards
from an earlier period,
 maybe when it was a girl's school
but that just might be a very clever renovation job!

I would not like to have to clean the windows would you?

some of the walls seem to have been left with
their original finishes which I really like in
homes of this age
Old for Australia!

I could spend more than

one night in any of the bedrooms

and this bathroom here is not too shabby either!!!

if you want to find out more go 

Many of the places I look for property
 are areas that we have previously lived in
so I can tell you that I know this house
I know where it is sited
 and I have admired it for a very long time
I could once have lived here,
run it as an upmarket bed and breakfast
or boutique hotel,
but I would have to have done it twenty years ago!!!!

I hope you will enjoy my property tours
now and in the future!


Nearly older than me....!!!!

I have a story to tell 
of an auction

in a large a drafty shed
full of electrical gear,
office furniture.
gardening machines.

I don't know what we were doing there

I was standing next to 
a woman 
who must have been ninety if she was a day
thin as a whip,
straight as a ruler,
immaculately dressed,
not a hair out of place.

the lot we were watching was a desk
not unlike this one from google

'that was my desk'
she said

'the war was over he'd come home.....'

"do we have 20....yes.25...
do we have 30?"

'That's more than he was a long time ago'

the desk went for $35.

the Auctioneer moved on to the next lot
some chairs
some wastepaper baskets (metal)

The woman looked at me for the first time
'are you bidding?' she asked

'I don't think there's anything here for me'
I replied

'I remember when that filing cabinet arrived
He had it built just for me, you know,
it was so smart.'

I looked for a metal filing cabinet, nowhere.

'It matched the desk, they forgot to put a stop bar at the back
 so he made them come back then
 but they put it on the front instead'

I had just found the filing cabinet she was talking about

You know dear, it was 
quite good at the front,
it meant I had time to stop them before they could get the
files out....they made such a mess of those files
if I didn't supervise.'

That sale was 10 years ago
 and that filing cabinet has sat on my back verandah
all that time!

How could I not have bid on it?
such history,
such sadness
that lady had worked for
both Father and Son
from the age of 22
to 77

but there was no room in my house
I started to paint it
didn't finish.

it has held tins of paint
dog leads,
table legs,
tiles, old books etc, etc, etc!

Then I found the blog world
and was amazed at what
people were doing
the energy,
the style,
the beauty.

still it sat there
until a fortnight ago
when I needed to 
not think about food or other things
and so I painted
with Maggie sticking her nose in the roller tray

2 undercoats,
2 topcoats
1 litre of paint
and 3 small rollers later

excuse the paint tins behind

at 8 feet long this is
 just right size for magazines, cook books and
books on decorating!
 now it needs a new home
 and thanks to 'me bloggy mates'
who made me get up and do it, it will probably find one
thank you all

I am linking this to metamorphosis Monday


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