Friday, April 9, 2010

Its all in the eye!!!

I could pretend
 this post is about candelabra....

I could pretend
 this post is about floor treatments...

I could even pretend 
it is just about beautiful rooms!!!

 A bit fussy, a bit floral...
but couldn't you just walk in here,
 have afternoon tea with the girls 
and stay for days?

whilst the blokes
 are in here
 with their whisky and sports

This room is so terribly proper
 and exquisitely pretty
but I would be terrified I might spill somethin!!!

I bet
 there have been some wonderful
dinner parties here!

and I love
 the way this kitchen 
changes with the seasons!


and now I can go to bed happy
 that I have finally seen all these photos
 in all their glory
 because today


They make me a bit sea sick
 and I am holding my head at a funny angle
and I am sure the left lens is wrong!!!!


 Mandy tells me I will get used to it


so now I can tell you
 this post
 is all about the few photos 
in my real estate files 
that I could never
 blow up big enough to see !!!!

 thank you Mandy and Mar



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous rooms, That kitchen is amazing I like it the best in the spring with its green walls. Glad you can see again!! Kathysue

  2. LOVING the comfy chairs in those kitchens!!! they are all wow! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so so so cute! I love the kitchen.
    xx's Marsha

  4. Oh that kitchen...pure heaven!
    Happy weekend to you.

  5. That was fabulous. I am putting off my visit to the optometrist for multi-focals, trying to convince myself I don't need them when I absolutely do! Love that'd have to work hard to get me out of there if it was mine. I mentioned one of your posts on my blog today...hope you don't mind!

  6. Oh my, what a regal selection..I'll be referring back to these often I think. I ordered new glasses today too, mine were holding together with a safety pin and hair elastic, elegant girl that I am (thank goodness they're only for distance)..Rachaelxx

  7. It's such a relief to sit back in my chair now and not have my face mashed up against the screen!! I am now going to have to revisit you all to see what I have been missing in the detail! Amazingly even the colours are brighter!!! Thank you all for visiting.

  8. Oh now I am going to have to get new glasses. I too am putting up with and holding off on the multifocals. Many thanks to Kerry for directing me here.

  9. i love th kitchens.

    and....i can relate to new eyeglass prescriptions.


  10. Oh you are funny Julienne - love the images and do hope you will feel less seasick with the new glasses soon! x

  11. Too funny - thank you Julienne for bringing your new glasses over to my blog too! I will visit often. Lovely pictures - I AM glad you can see them in all their glory... now the trick will be not losing the glasses all over the house...! Ann x

  12. Absolutely Beautiful post. Every room is lovely. Thanks yvonne


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