Thursday, February 4, 2010

I forget things!!!!!

Just a short addendum to the last post( I tend to forget important things)
 but somewhere in my dream house we need to put in a third bedroom for resale value!!!! If someone can come up with an idea of where let me know!
With the rest of the house white this is where I would splurge on colour!

NB When I first started my ideas file
 I didn't dream I would ever be putting them on the net
 and I am afraid I didn't take a lot of notice of where I took them from
 so if I inadvertently put up one I have pinched from you
 without permission (and you object) 
please let me know. 
This is an example of this misdemeanour and I appologise

goodnight again.....


  1. Hi Julienne, I wanted to come by and say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I agree with what you said , totally. I do tend to love symmetry though. This bed looks so cozy and it is a great idea to add color in your guest room,that will be fun for you to do. I have a post coming up on beds, I just finished the draft last night, I think you might like it, although it seems most are done in white. I have a thing for white bedding, have a great day,kathysue

  2. Thanks for your candor; your profile is sweet. I see that you're newer to blogging, so am I ; )
    Stop by and see me sometime, have a great month of February too!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bed... if I had it I might not ever leave it! Laptop... paints... breakfast try... cellphone... book for breaks... FAB!!!

  4. So gorgeous - Designers Guild do such beautiful florals! Love it xx

  5. you know what???
    i LOVE this too.

    it is 'too cool'and funky for most people to 'get.'
    and some just like everything with clean simple lines.
    but if you go for patterns and layering...
    there is a definite art to it.
    and few have it.

  6. That bed is dreamy, I think I want it right now. Really I've never seen anything that pretty!

  7. Thank you all for your comments. Glad you like the bed, for a girl who thinks red is her favourite colour I do seem to be insanely attracted to pink and blue and green together. Apart from the colour I just love the pink ribbon pillows and sheet that's what makes this bed special for me!
    Oh dear my spell check does hate our Australian spelling and the use of the letter U. It had better get used to it though. Thanks again ladies


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