Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Questions needing an answer please...!

When I started my blog
 my daughter gave me this book

I read it from cover to cover
  found many of you within it's pages
 but there was one important point she made

Ask permission to use photos.


now isn't that a story

as instructed
I dutifully composed a basic email
then I personalized it for each
designer etc.
 I had found over the years
 and liked



this lady 

Polly Eltes
you can find her

Not only is she a beautiful photographer

Who imbues all her photographs with a special warmth

as a person,
 she is one class act!

Within a day,
 I received the loveliest email in return
 giving me full permission to use her images here

I had sent her a link to this site
 so she knew I had 7 followers 
had written maybe 15 posts 
(Let's be honest I was not going to set the world on fire!)
but still she bothered
Bless her.

Subsequent to  this 
I heard an interview with several editors of home magazines 
who all said how they disliked bloggers using their images
 but they wouldn't mind if we asked permission
Wouldn't it be nice if they replied when we did?

Now I would like to know

If they did not reply
did that mean

I could
I couldn't?

I have to be honest and say
that I have used some of their images anyway
but I always feel unbelievable guilty and I don't like that
Really I'm a good girl, I am!

I also want to thank all you lovely blogging friends
who have said 
' yes, go ahead,' 
'that's OK,' 
after I have admitted to you that
I pinched an image off your site
Bless you all.

But the quandary is
what can I use
 that is currently sitting in my lovely files
what can't I use
and how do you find who to ask when it comes to
sites like Flickr




Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh dear.....!!!!!!!

I think I have

 Blogger's Block!!!!!!

Every night this week
 I have sat down with the perfect post.
Knew exactly what I was going to say.
Opened up the new post page and......
Absolutely NOTHING!!!

Do I have to many thoughts to put down
not enough thoughts to put down?

Do I know what I want
am I just totally confused?

Like these two images from here

You see I really want a house that looks like this


I keep going back to this!
Whether I like it or not this is me
not smart, not sophisticated
Just a warm, elegant, beautiful
 and comfortable room surrounded by
things I love.
Books, flowers, paintings, warm polished timber, mirrors, precious things,
 pink, white open fire, soft cushions.

Then sit the people I love in those chairs and on the floor
and I would be really happy  


I still want this too!!!!

Tonight was going to be about last weekend
Tonight was going to be about a dog show
Tonight was going to be about our Art Exhibition!!!!
(Mandy beware!)
Tonight was going to be about Kate's new blog
Tonight was going to be about the new book I've found!


Totally confused
which leads to 



Sunday, May 16, 2010

The hidden talents of a friend....!

I have a friend,
 one of those lovely friends
 with whom you can talk about everything and nothing
One of those friends 
that you don't need to see all the time
 for them to still be a friend.
 We are not old friends,
 fairly new in fact, 
and are still getting to know things about each other.
Recently she and her husband called in
 and he mentioned that Mandy painted!
We hadn't talked about this and I was fascinated
 so this weekend I was at her home and asked to see her paintings.
"I paint faces" she said
I don't quite know what I expected
 but this is what she does 
and I am in absolute awe of her amazing talent!

I want this one!

(Mandy the line has gone!!!)

what character 

Oh Frieda!

And this one!
 reminds me of Mandy!

I am sorry my photography does not do these justice!

At the end I found a few more and Mandy said
"I tried water colours here"


Top is the Chairman of our regional Arts Board
my Mother was a painter and I dally in the field 
without a huge degree of success!
so it is rather exciting to find such a talent
 and to be able to share this find.
 I hope you agree with me

Mandy you are a star.



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

measure twice...cut once!

When Top was a small boy
 he was given a box, 
very like this,
 for his toys
The main difference being

 that the lid was rounded at the corners in the front

Over the years 
it became rather battered
 and eventually 
it passed to our children, 
as their toy box.

But, as all children do,
 they grew up 
and didn't want, or need a toy box anymore.

So now we had a well worn but well loved box

What to do with it?

We stripped it....
we painted it white....
we painted it black...

It just didn't fit with the rest of the house.


I painted it citrus yellow 
 and then aged it with burnt sienna

I removed the lid
and painted it with a scene from
the tapestry
the Lady and the Unicorn

This scene in fact.

I was absolutely thrilled with it
 it had taken me two weeks of painstaking work
note the detail in the background    

When we were sure it was dry Top very carefully screwed the 
lid back onto the box

 remember those rounded corners at the front!!!!!!!


Two days later,  it was sanded back, 
repainted yellow
 aged again with the burnt sienna

Two days later I had finished the top again
remember it took two weeks the first time!!

 and now it looks like this

Not quite as good as it had

and I realise now

 that when I started painting the first time 
I should have remembered that there is a reason that carpenters 

always measure twice and cut once!
  it saves a lot of costly mistakes

There's a little change here Kerry from
suggested I  send this link to                                                                                                                  
for metamorphosis Monday 
don't know if it will work but I am going to give it a try.                                                                                            

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I was waiting at the PO
 when it opened today
 and there it was
The brown cardboard box
from Borders Bookstore

I ripped it open
only broke three nails!

569 pages
'The Girl Who
Played with Fire'

602 pages
The Girl  Who Kicked
The Hornets' Nest

I know the house needs dusting
the mulch needs laying
the ironing needs doing

it will all have to wait now
 whilst I read !!!

Will keep visiting briefly
 but may have a bit of difficulty
 getting my head out of these books 
before they are finished

Has anyone else read them?
Did you enjoy?

Lisbeth Salander 
is calling me back 



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

say a little prayer....

I have a small problem
with stress 

which is why 
I am currently doing
 the mindfulness course
which requires
living in the now!

I don't much like
 a lot of the now

 just disaster after disaster
day after day
 has a way of getting to me

but at least
 a lot of these disasters are

over there!

so I drown myself in
painting and polishing
 blogs and books

and then I read

and Afghanistan is no longer just a place on the news 
not just a place we have troops too.
It is somewhere, that someone I admire, had a loved one.

then I read

and this beach from her blog is no longer just a beach
it is a beach
 threatened by a very real disaster
and it is affecting someone
 I like to think I have come to know a little
and to like a lot

and then I read

and Karina has volunteered to help in the clean up here
on these beaches
because it is her home

then I read

and this flood is affecting her son 
and the rain is heading her way

Blogs are more than pretty pictures and people making nice comments

they are a personal link to the world

Suddenly those disasters 
that happen across the world
 and give you a moment of thinking 
'oh how awful'
are right here
 affecting people I exchange information with
people I am coming to know through their writings and chats 
people who are coming to mean a lot to me


all of these awful happenings affect me
and I am glued to the TV waiting for the relief of dry weather
the relief of the oil being stopped
the relief of the troops being recalled

Blogging connects us all

and maybe if we all pull together
 we can in a small way
 make things better 

what do you think?

Acanthus and acorn, Renee, Karina and Kim
I borrowed your images I hope you don't mind
and my prayers are with you all, your families and your friends



Sunday, May 2, 2010

filling in time....!

I have finished my book

have ordered
 the next two from Borders
 but they won't be here
 until the end of the week 

change of pace needed
 as it was fairly full on
did get very nasty in places

 I borrowed another.....
pretty story, 
about girl
 who makes wedding cakes
Her descriptions 
are beyond anything I remember


 I went looking for the wedding cakes of today 
and to my delight I found these
thought you might enjoy 
if you haven't already seen them!!


 classic and to my mind quite beautiful

again classic and rather sophisticated

romantically over the top
 but I can see a bride being thrilled with this

smart sophisticated and fun


I don't know why
 but this reminded me of a French film
 I have seen but cannot for the life of me remember!!!

I love the cartoon feeling here 
and imagine it had lots of meaning 
to the bride and groom

  is she pushing him off 
  or  pulling him back?
(I couldn't find where I got this one from again but I think it is a real classic)    
I wonder how many of us
 really felt like this on our wedding night!!!! 

this was my favourite!!!!!
I would love to know the story behind it!!!!
it is just such a disaster

I imagine one day I will get to talking about things mostly older than me
but obviously not at present!

You are just being served up whatever comes into my head
and this is one very confused head at present
 so anything could appear here!!

Hope you liked the cakes
 and had a bit of a sigh and a laugh



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