Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amazing finds and who knows!!

Asleep on my feet after a really, really hard days work I was looking at Flickr as I had been told there was a photo I would love

I really, really need to see the rest of this piece! 
When I am more awake I will search their site.
My family are totally aware of my passion for sight hounds.
 we have owned, over the last 40 years
deer hounds, an afghan, salukis, whippets,
 an Italian greyhound 
(shshshsh they don't know their really toy dogs! they believe they are  giants) 

I have loved them all but the Borzoi is just in a class of their own.
They are gentle giants,, incredibly aristocratic and wonderfully companionable
In full flight there is nothing to beat the sight.

Here in this photo Maggie is actually blowing very gently on my daughters face. This is her form of greeting and attention getting. She never licks (That's too common she would say!!)
As I said my family are aware so I thought I would show you my Christmas present from daughter Kate

Isn't it MAGIC!!!!
It is the devils own job to put it on as 
both brooches are separately pinned and they must line up to look right 
(Duh! how obvious would that be!)

Talking to Kate the other night she sent me of to anthropologies to have a look at this

It hard to see here but the white stripes are made from French book pages.
and Kate
the answer is 
second image is also from Flickr



  1. So do you think it would look good in the hallway? ;-)

  2. It would look magnificent in the hallway over the painting but it won't travel well from the UK to Australia!!!!!!!


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