Monday, February 8, 2010

A quick one for Lauren!

ALL 32 OF THEM!!!!!

As you can see nearly all full of absolute must haves!
and the trouble is I ALWAYS knew where everything was.
admittedly sometimes I had to go through all 32 drawers
 to find it but everything I wanted was always in one of these drawers!!!


now it has gone to a new home and I am still grieving!
 Where do I put the skipping rope! The red Santa Bell!  The branches of gold berries!!!
The pink box of buttons taken of clothing for the last 120 years!????


  1. 32 drawers is alot! I have a buffet in my kitchen that has nothing I need right at my fingertips! Stuff that should be put elsewhere, I'm sure!

    I'm inspired!


  2. hahaha oh my gosh!! what a cool piece but i'm glad you won't have to seatrch through 32 drawers to find what you need anymore!

    thanks so much for posting & linking!!

  3. I have way too many drawers of junk that are not all that tidy either ..! I do try and clean them out and sort them but then before a week or so they are back to being as messy....
    You have a great blog by the way and I also wanted to thank you for becoming my 40th follower... I had 39 for quite a while and I noticed you joined yesterday so thank you!
    Sarah (Semi Expat in Oz)

  4. I love transparent draws, too beautiful! Rx

  5. Thank you all for your comments I get such a kick out of them. Sarah I love being your 40th follower You are my tenth! We are going place my friend and perhaps we can go there together!!!!

  6. I love these drawers - I so wish they had gone to my home. Just think of the little treasures I could store in this gorgeous thing! Leigh


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