Saturday, June 26, 2010

Color me angry!

This is a photo of me,
as I feel at the moment,
No amount of deep breathing
 seems to be doing the trick

Why you ask?

Because last night, I left the car in the street.
I just forgot about bringing it in
 until just before it was time to go to bed
Top, bless him, remembered 
and out he went to get it!

Unfortunately he was just a little late
 as the local graffiti artists had been well and truly at work

In black


right across the bonnet
 and the drivers door
 were words and suggestions
 that I would associate more with public toilets
 than a car driven by a rather old fashioned woman!

I am so angry 
that kids of today
 have no respect for the belongings of others

I am angry that parents 
allow their children 
to roam the streets at night


what worries me more


 that I rang the police to report the incident
and in a town of 5000 people
 they could not find our address

With all our outside lights on
 I watched them drive past twice
 and this was after they had rung to check where we were


 they had already been to the wrong street!

What if it had been an emergency?

I am off to try meditation again so once more I can be like this

PS It took Top all morning
 to remove the offending graffiti 
but it has now gone thank goodness!



Friday, June 18, 2010

if only.....!

Sometimes you come across
a series of photos that just take your breath away
These do it for me

I would like to think
 that I could live in a house that looked like this
but then I have to be a little realistic
 and realise that with our animals,
my total dislike of housewifely duties
 and our lack of finances to pay for someone to do it for me
that the best way to enjoy this place
 is just to bookmark the site here and visit regularly 

I love the pale timber floors
 and the brick
I love the minimalist look
I love the modern furnishings
and I am so not a modern girl!!

I love the wall paneling
I love the touches of gold
I really love the bedroom
I just love all of it

Do you like the look? 



Tuesday, June 15, 2010






Oh sorry I didn't realise you'd arrived

You just caught me sitting here

counting my breaths and thinking of 

as I start my meditation

Better stop now while you are visiting
and tell you why.

I have a massive  slight, very slight stress problem so
 my lovely GP sent me off to do a course in

 'mindfulness for managing stress'
an 8 week program modeled on the stress reduction clinic
 at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

and right in the middle of the program I picked up this book

For all of you, looking for a good book,
 it is delicious.
The beautiful heroine counts....and counts
 and then counts some more 
its about OCD, love, mistakes and life and 
 I highly, highly recommend it.

Toni Jordan the author 
gave me permission to print a quote from the book
 that describes exactly what mindfulness is

"Most people miss their whole lives, you know. 
Listen, life isn't
when you are standing on top of a mountain 
looking at the sunset. 
Life isn't waiting at the altar
 or the moment your child is born
 or that time you were swimming in deep water
 and a dolphin came up alongside you. 
These are fragments. 
Ten or twelve grains of sand
 spread through your entire existence.
 These are not life.
 Life is brushing your teeth
or making a sandwich
 or watching the news
 or waiting for the bus. Or walking.
 Every day, thousands of tiny events happen
 and if you are not watching, 
if you are not careful, 
if you don't capture them and make them count, 
you could miss it

You could miss your whole life."

Isn't that just a magic quote?

We are into week seven and 
 my neck and back are more relaxed, the headaches are gone!
I have started painting again and
I have found my patience once more
Best of all I am noticing the little things,
 the beauty that surrounds us, the music of nature
 and is wonderful!

Life is a sensuous experience when you live NOW!

if you want to know more about mindfulness you can find it here



Sunday, June 13, 2010

A piece of history

This Building is call Stratford House
and it is in Birmingham in the UK

It is listed as a grade ll* building which means
particularly important building 
of more than special interest

and has been scheduled as an ancient monument

 Now it is offices

but in 1601 it was built by Ambrose Rotton as a home
for him, his wife Bridget and their children.
The initials of Ambrose and Bridget are carved over the porch
and they called it Camp Hill Farm  

I wonder if it looked something like this 

or perhaps this in 1601

If, it was still a home
 perhaps the staircase would look more like this today

Was the dining room of those years

served from a kitchen like this?

and could it look like this now?

Would Ambrose and Bridget
 have had their living room looking like this?

and would current owners have it more like this?

Would a new dining room have looked like this


When once it was this?

Perhaps it would look more like this today.


It doesn't really matter though


 what matters is

that we have a family tree on my Mothers side
 that goes unbroken back to 1216
and smack dab in the middle of that family tree sit

 Ambrose and Bridget Rotton!

The Rotton family lived in this house for 95 years
 before the farm was broken up and sold
Apparently the City streets of Birmingham
 are built over the paddocks that Ambrose's cattle once ran in.

Now isn't that a fascinating piece of history for my family?

UK daughter doesn't yet know
 that she is going to try and get photos of the interior
 but she will when she read this. LOL!!!      



Saturday, June 5, 2010

The silence of the mind......

Today,  I walked in a rose garden

Today,  I felt the sun on my back

Today,  I felt the breeze on my face

Today,  I watched a spider spin his web


Today,  I discovered I don't really like peanut butter rolls

Today,  I saw  new buds on all the trees
 and we are only into day 4 of Winter

Today,  I smelt the last of the roses


Today,  I sat and walked with six others and


Today, I listened to the silence

Today, I went on a mindfulness retreat

Not merely an absence of noise, Real Silence begins when a reasonable being withdraws from the noise in  order to find peace and order in his inner sanctuary 
-Peter Minard

True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.
-William Penn

My beautiful and loving friends
 said I would be expelled before we hit 10 a.m.!
Bless them, I loved every minute



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something lovely...something awful...!

Oh dear, oh dear

Something lovely has happened!
Something awful has happened!

The lovely thing is
 that without noticing 
I now have 51 people who follow this blog

How beautiful is that?

When I started,
 in a very half hearted way,
it was just something for me.
My two beautiful daughters followed
and then I got a few others
how exciting
I remember Lauren from
came on as No 11
and I was quite amazed!

Many years ago
I designed and wrote
 for a living
 but those days are long, long gone
 and it is eons since I have done either
so it is very flattering to my creative ego
 when people enjoy what I do enough to follow


A great big thank you for
hopping aboard

and to those who leave comments
I really love the contact thank you. 
pull up a chair and join me 

while I hide my face in shame and

before I can pull the duvet over my head here

let me 
tell you about the awful thing that has happened

With 51 followers
 I have become 

as a result I have tried too hard
and every post for the last week has felt contrived
or just wrong. 
I have four posts in draft stage
that should never see the light of day
I haven't quite worked out how to delete them  but I am working on it.

Now isn't that just





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