Thursday, April 29, 2010

O is for Orator


I cannot divulge the story behind this
 except to say a small friend and I used it in a 
project on great orators of the world
alas she only got a B+
The teacher was a wee bit 
cross with me!!!
 But isn't he magnificent
and the little one 
is hanging on to every word.
Obviously I am participating in
Alphabe-Thursday at

Back to my book 
now very exciting 
and cannot put it down



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

decisions again!!!!!

I am curled up here
with the sun streaming through the windows
 a small fire in the grate
'the girl with the dragon tattoo'
in my hands

A friend lent me the book a week ago
  I was not going to read it
 I had far too much to do!
Sat down with a cup of coffee tonight...
picked it up to glance through...
so at least I could say I had looked at it!!

That was
 three hours ago!!!

when am I going to catch up with you all again?
it has to be Blogs or Books 
a decision must be made!



PS. Have you read it yet will I be able to put it down?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The perfect evening

It's late,
I'm tired
the day's not over yet!

but here's how it should be

a glass of whiskey
(no ice thank you and make it a double!!)

 sitting here

or maybe here

then a nice hot bath
 with lots of rose scented oil
the fire lit, of course

or maybe here 
(but this would need the maid to lay out my night robe
and I don't want to have to see anyone tonight!)

so back to here 
for a long soak!

then into this chair
 to do my homework
 for the next 40 minutes
(supposed to lie on the floor but my back is too sore!!)

then I will climb in here 
where, the plain simplicity and beauty
will allow me to sleep...
 perchance to dream, of a better world

or maybe, I will curl up here with a good book
(The Holiday  by Erica James is the current one)
for just a few minutes 
before dropping of into a dreamless slumber 

and so begins the perfect evening!!!!!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

I must remember......!

Truly, I am the most dreadful blogger

We had an early start this morning (6.00am!)
to a glorious day
at the Forbes dog show

 and I had planned to do
 a really beautiful doggy blog
small problem.....
two hours into the trip I realised


is this not the most basic rule of all bloggers

Take your camera everywhere?


so I found these in my files to share with you
The top middle looks just like my Souk

                                                                                   being shown rather badly here

This is what our shows look like....
 not like this


I was also checking out a new breed of dog
 that I would quite like
They are little,
 but think they are giants
they are incredibly intelligent,
 but have a mind of their own
they can be unbelievably funny looking
 but also incredibly beautiful 
here see what you think YES or NO?

Now I did say funny looking 
and she was having a very bad day
 as her sister 
the black and white powder puff
 was getting all the attention!!!!

I had better show you these

These are the hairless Chinese Crested Dog
aren't their boots and hair dos just as cute as cute?
They are very hot little dogs
 and their skin does need some careful attention
but their personality is
So do I
 or don't I?

Now I am going out to put my camera in my bag
where it can stay for evermore


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Very busy at the moment

house needs cleaning
washing needs doing
can I wear it without ironing...NO

leave home at 7.30a.m 
arrive home at 7.30p.m

phone calls to make
meeting minutes to check

steal half an hour for myself
race to the computer

click on to my favourites
scan quickly
catch up with friends
 make a short comment
find a new site

looks good

swear at my new glasses
change to old glasses
clean new glasses
get closer to screen
nose resting against screen
not a good feeling

still cannot read the bloody thing.


remember that for 
 you need

those pretty pale greys.
soft yellows
pale greens
tinted backgrounds
and small type

make for a difficult read.
No matter how good the content 
I currently don't have time 
the patience to try
 and I click off
what a pity
 because when I do have time
though still not the patience
I won't know where to find you again!


PS is the red hard to read should I switch to black?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Its all in the eye!!!

I could pretend
 this post is about candelabra....

I could pretend
 this post is about floor treatments...

I could even pretend 
it is just about beautiful rooms!!!

 A bit fussy, a bit floral...
but couldn't you just walk in here,
 have afternoon tea with the girls 
and stay for days?

whilst the blokes
 are in here
 with their whisky and sports

This room is so terribly proper
 and exquisitely pretty
but I would be terrified I might spill somethin!!!

I bet
 there have been some wonderful
dinner parties here!

and I love
 the way this kitchen 
changes with the seasons!


and now I can go to bed happy
 that I have finally seen all these photos
 in all their glory
 because today


They make me a bit sea sick
 and I am holding my head at a funny angle
and I am sure the left lens is wrong!!!!


 Mandy tells me I will get used to it


so now I can tell you
 this post
 is all about the few photos 
in my real estate files 
that I could never
 blow up big enough to see !!!!

 thank you Mandy and Mar


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I was just wondering.....

I saw these two photos tonight

 and wondered...

Do you think the owner of this house 
knows what it is like to
walk in those front doors laden down with grocery shopping?

(I want the ceiling)

I just loved
this beautiful, over the top, bedroom

but I wondered

why the bed
looks lost
Are the lamps too big?
should there be a larger bed head?
should there be more pillows?
were they being restrained because the rest of the room is
so baroque?

                                                                                                               photos from real estate listing

I was  just wondering

 what do you think?


Monday, April 5, 2010

It's yellow for me.....

I was just following again tonight and got to
who was talking about
and so I had to share my yellow too!!!

unfortunately the flash changes the colour a bit
 its really a much cleaner yellow than this

The green and gold works better in real life than it does here!

The pink paper roses look good against it though!

This is taken from the front door
 looking down to the middle door
 and then on to the back door

This is taken from the middle door looking to the front
Pity the front door doesn't show as it is truly beautiful
I must try and photograph it one day.

(do you think I could have put away the hair dryer before taking this photo?!!!)

The yellow we have used here
 is quite clear and strong 
but as the hall is so dark
white would not have worked.
 When we first moved in
 it was battleship grey and really depressing 

That's my yellow and I'm sticking to it....!



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