Tuesday, May 4, 2010

say a little prayer....

I have a small problem
with stress 

which is why 
I am currently doing
 the mindfulness course
which requires
living in the now!

I don't much like
 a lot of the now

 just disaster after disaster
day after day
 has a way of getting to me

but at least
 a lot of these disasters are

over there!

so I drown myself in
painting and polishing
 blogs and books

and then I read

and Afghanistan is no longer just a place on the news 
not just a place we have troops too.
It is somewhere, that someone I admire, had a loved one.

then I read

and this beach from her blog is no longer just a beach
it is a beach
 threatened by a very real disaster
and it is affecting someone
 I like to think I have come to know a little
and to like a lot

and then I read

and Karina has volunteered to help in the clean up here
on these beaches
because it is her home

then I read

and this flood is affecting her son 
and the rain is heading her way

Blogs are more than pretty pictures and people making nice comments

they are a personal link to the world

Suddenly those disasters 
that happen across the world
 and give you a moment of thinking 
'oh how awful'
are right here
 affecting people I exchange information with
people I am coming to know through their writings and chats 
people who are coming to mean a lot to me


all of these awful happenings affect me
and I am glued to the TV waiting for the relief of dry weather
the relief of the oil being stopped
the relief of the troops being recalled

Blogging connects us all

and maybe if we all pull together
 we can in a small way
 make things better 

what do you think?

Acanthus and acorn, Renee, Karina and Kim
I borrowed your images I hope you don't mind
and my prayers are with you all, your families and your friends




  1. Julienne what an awesome post! Yes, you just have to look around you most days & realize whatever's happening in your own life isn't worth a cracker worrying about compared to other's tragedies. Blogging is a very powerful medium & we should all use it as such if we have the opportunity to right a wrong.
    Millie ^_^

  2. I don't think I can say much more to that than it was really, really lovely...and very special. Nice one Julienne.

  3. Great truth in what you wrote. We do all connect with each other and feel like we are a part of each others lives. The rain has finally left and they are fine.

  4. Julienne,
    This is so very beautifull stated. And a wonderful reminder to us all. One of the very unexpected surprises of blogging for me too has been the generous and caring spirit of so many!!!

    p.s. this image is fine as it is not one of my personal photographs...so thank you so much for understanding and not publishing my family.

  5. A very thought provoking post, thank you.

  6. Thanks for sharing your big heart with us. Yes, my world is bigger and better now thanks to blogging.

    And maybe someone will come up with a plan to help and we can pass it around and all join in.

    Until then we'll continue to support one another and say a little prayer for those who ask.

    You gave me yours, I give you mine.

  7. you are right on the money with this post!

    and as for 'pinching' an image from me.
    do it, and do it often.
    it is flattering. no?

    hugs to you sweet julienne

  8. Julienne,
    You put these thoughts down so 'thoughtfully'. Great words, good reminders that this blog world is something special.

  9. Thank you all for reading my post it amazed me how suddenly, these dreadful things happening around the world, became much more personal because I feel I know all of you who are in the middle of them. I felt it was important that I told you, that you knew, that I wished I was there to do my part with you, but as I couldn't that you knew my thoughts and prayers were with you. Also I wanted others who perhaps had not seen these posts to become aware of what you were going through so that a few more prayers could flow your way.
    Next post should be happier!!!! God Bless.

  10. I really like this post of you. The world is not kind to people anymore. I feel for the people who are living on these places. Everyone in this world have problems, but some have it much harder and I'm sometimes crying when I see things happen.
    Big hug to you my friend. Love Stina

  11. What an incredible post, much love to you for putting it together. I always say to my husband and my teen children if they judge others - you never know what someone may be going through or have been through. My heart goes out to them..Rachaelxx

  12. Amazing post!

    I completely agree, the world is truly such a small place, and blogging only serves to make it smaller, but in the very best way.

    I was blog hopping this morning and discovered your lovely blog, so nice to meet you!

    All the best,

  13. So so succinct and spot on. It IS so much more thn words and images carried through the ether...

  14. Wonderful post and so well said. It does seem that the world is a truly small place when you realise these bloggers, so of whom you speak to every day, are the very people we read about in the news. Beautiful words Julienne. K xx

  15. Julienne, I think this is one of the most incredible posts that I have ever read. Beautifully expressed, I have no words... You are a special thoughtful lady. Much love to you ~ Tina xx

  16. WHat a fabulous post Julienne, so true and incredibly touching. good stuff, love it!


  17. j,
    i am so stressed my head might explode.
    i hope you are feeling better.

    if not maybe we can 'reload' together!!!

    happy mum's dayxx

  18. Hi Julienne, I found your blog through "Crivens ...". What a lovely post this is. I really concur with your view that, and I paraphrase, blogs create something that is more than the sum of their parts. I try to invest mine with personal links to the natural world and I see people doing this for technology, cycling, literature, whatever it is that floats their boat and populates their blog. Keep writing this lovely blog! Regards, Scot


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