Thursday, September 2, 2010

The gentle love of Maggie.....

Maggie wakes me in the morning
gently blowing her warm breath on my face

when relaxing at night she plonks her hindquarters on my knees
with both back feet off the ground she sits on my lap
waiting to have her ears scratched

As I write this she is lying beside me with her head 
resting against my leg

When we come home she is first to the gate and she gently bumps 
her head against your side and gives a rub

Babies and very small children are her first love
as she gently lowers herself to their height
and rests a head on a small shoulder and gives a great sigh
as if this is who she was meant to protect

she has gifted us with four phantom pregnancies and
 we must pay proper attention to each of the carefully
selected babies as they are washed, cuddled and cared for 
for 6 long weeks, then each is returned to its proper 
place in the toy box, until next time!

If someone looks threatening to her family she
goes from gentle giant to 
snarling fury and 
God help them if they were to make a threatening move.

She play fights with Souk for hours and there is lots of growling
very large bared and snapping teeth
but when they stop there is not even a damp mark on Souk.

They run together over the paddocks and the sight of two
sight hounds at full tilt is magnificent to watch

For not quite 5 years Maggie has been
 a warm, gentle, affectionate,
intelligent member of our family

Not always the most obedient, 
but at least she does give our commands
her full attention before she decides what she is going to do!

and a few times today I have wondered if living with Maggie
is worth the anguish

as we sit waiting for the results of the biopsy

I know the answer is 


But tonight it is so hard to think positively.



  1. Pets become such a huge part of a family...I hope Maggies results are healthy, she sounds like a gorgeous furry friend.
    Rebecca x

  2. Now you've made me cry. pleas let as know the results as soon as you can. I'm saying a prayer,.

    xo Jane

  3. Do hope the results are OK - I know the anguish of waiting.

    With best wishes,


    btw My Rainbow Indigo link is here if you've the time

  4. Hi Julienne, I can only begin to imagine how anxious you must be feeling and I really hope Maggie's results are good. She looks like a wonderful friend.

  5. Rebecca, Jane, Nora, Kerry thank you all for your best wishes.
    Results came back today and unfortunately were not what we would have wished for.
    At present she is comfortable and we will keep her that way as long as possible.
    Thank you again for your good wishes and love to you all. Julienne

  6. Ah Julienne, now I'm crying. I'm sorry the results were not what you'd have wanted. Sending you warm thoughts for the days ahead. My heart goes out to your family and sweet Maggie.

  7. Oh Noni, this is just too sad. Maggs is so gorgeous, she has had a wonderful life with you.
    Lis xxxxxxx

  8. Julienne
    I am so sorry to read about your lovely Maggie.
    We have a springer who is turning eight and I can not imagine our life without her. Thinking of you Maggie..she must be so happy to have you by her side.

    Jeanne xx

  9. Oh no..please let it be good news. Maggie looks like a beautiful, wonderful dog. They really are the noblest of creatures..Give her a big kiss from me..Rachaelxx

  10. OMG, I have a Dalmation now for 14 years.
    He is as loving as your Maggie. Right now he is rubbing his head on my leg, I will pray the results are GOOD. yvonne

  11. Oh Julienne, I am so sad to read this post. I am sorry the results were not as you had hoped. Sending all my love to you and your sweet Maggie ~ Tina x


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