Friday, February 19, 2010

decisions, decisions, decisions!

As I get older making decisions gets harder and harder
Take this week
We still haven't decided
 what to do about the floors in the cottage.
Not, because I don't know what I want 
(White painted)
 but as we are going to sell it
 as soon as it is finished,  
Are prospective buyers going to be put off by painted floors? 
Would they prefer dark stained?


Do we reopen our "junk shop"?


Do we fill the cottage full of bits 
and open it one weekend a month?

It is some years since we were last opened
 and rents in our town have more than tripled.
 Why, when we have so many empty shops, completely mystifies me!

Not everything we had was older than me!

but a good deal of it was

This barber's chair now resides in an historic pub out west

The kauri pine desk only stayed here about a week 
before it crept home (it still resides in one of the guest bedrooms!)

This piece only stayed a few weeks before it headed to Melbourne

The wedding gown walked down the aisle again
not long after this photo was taken!

and do I really want to sell these pieces?

What to do? what to do? what to do?




  1. If you're going to sell those pieces, I'd love first ofer please! :-)

  2. Difficult decisions... personally I love white painted floors.... and yes, why not open your house once a month (is that to sell off the bits or to sell the house) rather than go to the expense of renting a shop... Hope this might help a bit...! :-) X

  3. I think opening the house once a month sounds like a great idea - not too much time or stress! Leigh

  4. I like white painted and dark stained floors, so I would be happy with either! As far as the shop, it depends on where your heart is. We have several occasional sales here in Minnesota. The shops are only open one weekend each month (usually Thursday through Saturday or Sunday) and it creates a lot of excitement. They are tons of fun to go to!!



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