Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Princess room....!

Oh dear where does time go?!
Late on Wednesday night we received a phone call
from a gentleman who wanted to know 
if we would be interested in selling our house


so, today we started the big clean up and toss out!

They are coming to look in a fortnight so we have a bit of time
Top discovered we actually  have quite a large
back verandah
and I spent the day here
in the Princess room!

the girls call it the Princess room because of the 
height of the bed
(you almost need a stepladder to climb up!)
and they feel we should put a pea under the mattress!

the pink curtains were, alas, inherited with the house
and to date we cannot afford to change them
(the quotes were quite, quite ridiculous!!!!)

The marble mantelpiece holds quite a bit of my
Don Quixote collection 

The golf stick leaning nonchalantly against the fireplace
was an award for a hole in one
Not mine alas!
I am a total shocker when it comes to golf!!

the salon suite is the very first antique I ever bought
I was twelve years old and it cost me 12 pounds!
the light fitting hiding underneath will one day replace the rather nasty chandelier,
but tomorrow it will find a spot in the garage out of sight!

and the mirror needs to be taken out and painted 
before it goes above the fireplace

all our ceilings are pressed metal and the patterns are quite beautiful
it also needs a bit of a clean but it's so far up I'm afraid 
it will just have to do!
Tomorrow I take on the other two guest bedrooms!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Know when you are on a good thing...!

Our son's kitchen bench this morning!

Even this little chap knew to move to higher ground!

a good feed and then he was gently
 encouraged to move outside
It is amazing how in disasters like this
 even the wild life will turn to others for help

Rod Dowton transporting four of the kangaroos which were stranded on Two Tree Island last week after the level of Lake Burrendong rose rapidly, covering the island. (PHOTO: Tracy Woods)
                                                                     image from the Wellington Times

and seem to know that they should just accept it

and it is happening all over the East coast of our country


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the worst is yet to come....!

This is not the post I was going to write today

disaster defcon 2
                       please go here and read the    courier mail

but as we wait to hear news
 of our son and his beautiful family
of A-M and the boys
and all our other friends 
I wonder is there a family
in Australia
unaffected by the 
horrendous news coming out of 
and now North Western New South Wales

with 9 confirmed dead
and 66 still missing
the death toll is bad enough
but on top of this
6500 homes will go under in Brisbane
 in the next two days
and already hundreds of houses 
and businesses
have been lost

The rain is not easing
and the wall of water that
became an inland tsunami in
Toowoomba and was responsible
for the lost lives
is racing down the valley
 toward the Capital
to meet a King Tide

I ask

 that tonight
you light a candle
say a prayer  and think
of all those in
Queensland who have lost
nearly everything they possess
and for whom the worst
is yet to come


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally...older than me!!!

I have just told a friend
that I am not
a metal kinda girl!
 only to realise 
that one of my favourite pieces in our home
is just that
Actually it is worse than metal it is
onyx and gilt!!
way, way, way over the top!

Oh dear! Do you think 
I should have dusted it before taking these?! 
the floor could have done with a good mop too!

Half way up are  the hooks for an umbrella 
or parasol as it is a French piece

Then at the top the hat goes at a jaunty angle

don't you just love the hanger for the coat? (wide and rounded
so no mark was left on the jacket)
and then a small hook for a cane!

There it stands in all it's over the top glory

I understand it is French probably mid 1800's
and if any one has seen one like it
or knows anything about it I would love to hear.

It normally hold a red Fez that UK daughter brought home
for her Father

My Father's pith helmet, rather aged and tired
but it was well worn during the 2nd World War

and a Malacca cane. 

So maybe, just maybe a could be a
metal kinda girl!!



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