Monday, February 22, 2010

dreams versus reality

I was just about to toddle of to bed
when I foolishly took one more look at my
file of ideas...mistake!
I must say that I don't think 
I have ever wanted this staircase 
but it fascinates me no end
 so I guess that makes it a dream...
Not necessarily one I want to come true...
but a dream none the less

Don't think I would like to try these after a dinner party

Of course if we ever have another staircase
 the reality of it would be more like this

and this really encapsulates
 both dream and reality because I love it!

(Just quietly I love the room as well, those red chairs are just magic!)

Now I am heading of to bed to sleep...perchance to


Pssst...Don't know where either of these came from so thank you to whoever ( should that be whomever?) and I promise to take note of where I grab my ideas in future

Goodnight again


  1. That first staircase scares me! As amazing as it looks no good can happen climbing up and down them! (and where does the baby gate go?)

    The second one though - I love! I never though you could love a staircase but turns out you can eh!

  2. Particularly LOVE the second staircase...

  3. I dream about staircases too and I live in a one level house - work that out! Leigh

  4. Great blog! Glad I found you through Dreamy Whites, my fav blog. Off to browse your great style.~lulu

  5. those stairs sure would be hard to climb in the dark and after a bit of bubbly.
    ouch.......and to fall would be death.
    but hey, i would spec them for the right client.
    they are beautiful.


  6. I saw that tomato and My frustrations just came back.
    I just put away my groc, and looked at the sdales receipt,
    They charged $6. for a tiny box of cherry tomatoes. I am in shock WHERE DOES IT END.
    It was a great post.. yvonne


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