Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things I have to tell you ...5!


I have a secret to confess
but don't let it get out
don't spread it around
this is just between you and me!

I have fallen in love with
a younger man,
a Frenchman,
a policeman!

a man who cooks divinely,
who enjoys his wine,
his rugby and his tennis
who takes time to train the children,
who knows everything to know
about his town and his people,
a kind man, a savvy man
and his name is 

I have spent 
4 days in his company
and cannot wait to spend
another few days

but I thought you might like to meet him
as I have just discovered he has
his very own BLOG!

Now he must also be a very shy man
as the photo on his blog 
you will find his blog

It is a wonderful place to visit,
he will tell you all about his region,
his wines, his food and also all about the man
who introduced me to Bruno
whose name is
Martin Walker

Now because I am a very generous soul
and don't have a jealous bone in my body
I encourage you to go meet
because if you are a bit of a
Francophile like me
you will also fall in love!


there is
a very sad note to this story
Bruno only exists
in the pages of these
three books
all of which I have now read

so to see him again I have to wait patiently
 for Martin Walker to hurry up and write
the next adventure!

I am running out of things to disclose as after nearly
100 posts I think I have told you just about everything!
but if you've tagged along  only recently
you might like to go here
where very early on I confessed
seven other facts!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I have to tell No 3.... and 4!

From when I was a small child
to right up until I left home
I was a prolific letter writer


If you were related to me,
a school friend,
if you had me to stay,
if you gave me a gift

I wrote you a letter

if you were a boyfriend 
I wrote you many a letter!


After I had finished the letter
 I would address the envelope with great care

I would race downstairs to my Father
and beg a stamp
but it had to be a pretty stamp!!

back upstairs, stamp on
I would put it in my top drawer to reread tomorrow
just to make sure it sounded alright

                                                                                                       Don't know where this beauty came from

Now the time came when it was time to leave home
the time came to marry
the time came for my Mother to get rid of the junk
I left behind

We had left the chest that sat in my dressing room
and my Mother thought she would take it downstairs
but it was too heavy


she opened the drawers and found

                                                                                                                                                    image by Yunhee Kim
hundreds of letters
all addressed and stamped
with penny stamps and every thing else 
up to  5 cent stamps!
(not a big jump in nearly 20 years!!!)

Not one of those  letters 
had ever been sent!!!!

in her wisdom my Mother 
took those letters to the Sydney GPO

where the Postmaster, when told the story
agreed to send the letters as they were
this is a long time ago and Postmasters could decide things like that then

                                   Taken a bit of a Liberty here Benjamin Franklin image from Google

Nearly everyone who received one of those letters wrote back
and said some really lovely things
not one of those letters was addressed to me
they were all addressed to my MOTHER!!!!!!!!

So now I don't write letters, not many emails, and I try very hard
to reply to you all but occasionally I hold back the reply
to improve it and, you guessed it, it stays in my draft file!

I never draft my blog I sit, write and publish
Frequently I have to edit horrendous spelling mistakes 
and statements I didn't mean to make 
but at least they get published!

If I comment on your blog it has taken
real effort to press the send button
without previewing,
so if I ever offend I appologise now
as it would not have been meant
I just write too quickly and sometimes it
doesn't come out how it should!

There are now 15 draft blogs on file that I know
will never see the light of day
as my Mum is no longer with me to send them

There you have things 3 and 4 I have to tell
and I think I know who I will pass the award on to...I think!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Thing I have to tell No 2......

This is a story for Renee Finberg

Once upon a time
I was like every little girl
who wanted to have
a pony of her own
to ride!!

Fortunately the circumstances 
of my family were such
that I had that pony
and a few more as well

and I grew up in the show ring
in both riding and led classes

                                                        Debbie Dunbar artist

and perhaps I took
 the love of that first pony
just a bit too far
because I made Top 
(who knew nothing about ponies!)
have ponies too!!!

                                                                                                     Welsh Mountain pony from popsters. com
Bless him he was wonderful with them
 and he became the best
riding teacher at the local pony club
and really taught those kids
how to look after their
beautiful animals

                                                                                                                              Australian pony from Google
But eventually life got in the way
as it does (thank goodness)
and I found babies and moving back to the city
didn't make ponies a good fit any more

                                                                                                                               Australian pony from Google
It was hard to give them up totally
 so I did a terrible thing........
I became 

a breed pony judge!!!

Welsh Mountain ponies and Australian ponies
were my breed of choice
but for my sins

                                                                                                                                        Shetland pony from Google

I generally ended up with
the Shetlands as well!!!

I have not been into the show ring with the ponies
for over 15 years now
instead we have chosen a slightly smaller animal
with our Borzoi and Saluki and
entered the dog world
but I promise
I will
NOT become
a dog breed judge!!!!!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things I have to tell No 1....!

for my children
I tilt at windmills......
and just sometimes I win!!!

                                                                Ted Szukalski
As part of the lovely award 
presented me with
I have to tell
6 things about me
that you don't know

I figure I can drag this out a bit
Karina did not say I had to tell all at once!!

                                                                                                                                           painting by Frank Stock

I love the old style windmill, dragon style!
though I don't mind the modern green ones either

so if you
 know your classics
you will understand why
I also quite fancy dragons


But the real thing I have to tell


 I collect Don Quixote

This was my first piece 
my family bought it for me
after I fell hopelessly in love with it
It makes me laugh!!!

I don't have an extensive collection
some pieces are old some new
most pieces came to me with a story
 and often the story is as 
important as the piece itself


Friday, October 15, 2010

Into the ether.........!

We sit at our desks
our kitchen benches,
our tables
curled up in comfy chairs
and in our beds


we read,
we type with passion, 
about our crafts
our families,
our decorating,
our lives
and things that catch our fancy
then we send it out into the ether!!!

It's a funny place, this blogging place
we start, not knowing what we are doing
I wonder, sometimes, if we ever know
what we are doing!

 Do we  ever stop and think
about how,  what we say, may affect someone else

There are people I have never met,  who,
because of my blogging,
 know me better than some of my long standing friends
 but we would pass each other on the street without recognition

You come from all around the world,
for a short time we meet here 

and I'm saying all this
Because today I got an email from

to say

pssst!  You may want to visit my blog, Julienne

so I went visiting and imagine my surprise and joy
when I saw she had presented me with

Now whilst the award is lovely
it was the words she wrote that got me
totally emotional!

Karina thank you
it may take me awhile to choose someone
to pass this on to
but you have to know

bless you

Now apparently I am supposed to tell you seven things about me
but I am going to ask your indulgence 
and tell you tomorrow because today should be about


and her generosity of spirit
 so go visit her
you will be amazed at what she has achieved


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's not home anymore....!!

This is the area
I grew up in.

A family suburb on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour

the cars parked in the driveways
were Holdens,
Fords, and the occasional Bentley.

My parents paid 14,000 pounds
for our house
it was three stories high

(if you count the attic with it's two bedrooms
and the playroom built into the slope of the block!!!!)

and it had a view straight through
the heads of the Harbour

it sold recently for over
2 million dollars

I do wish they had kept it!!!

 The homes were all a bit tired, 
the gardens often had a bike 
on it's side in the drive or
a cricket bat lying on the lawn

and  the grass was  often just slightly too long
and the gardens were a bit free flowing,

hydrangeas and camellias were the plants of choice.

It was not an untidy suburb, it was just a family

recently I went back to visit 
and it was not the same

There is not a bit of peeling paint
 to be spied anywhere
the gardens are manicured to 
within an inch of their lives

the cars in the drives are 
BMW s,  Mercedes Benz, and Suburus,
 mostly large 4 wheel drive machines

It is beautiful, there is no doubt about that 
but somehow it

 has lost that fabulous  familiar feeling
that said 
you are home!

all images were found here



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