Monday, July 11, 2011

Some good news at last...!

15000 rioting people
100's of riot police
tear gas hanging in the air for hours,
two days of transport strike!

Did I say good news?!!!

Well yes...

 despite all the carrying on in Athens 
our beautiful  Harry
ignored it all
and he and his team
played wonderfully and he brought home 
a bronze medal
from the
World Special Olympics!

His parents, sister, aunt and Gregoir
all braved the elements to watch
him play.

Papa would have been soooooo proud!

and as usual you continue to amaze me
with your sporting abilities,
your sportsmanship,
your team spirit,
your indomitable spirit and your 
truly wonderful sense of humour.
You enrich my life Harry
 and I love you very much



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