Monday, November 29, 2010

...and a book walked in!

Do books find you?
Do you find books?

I ask, because sometimes I will pick up a highly recommended 
book and no matter how I try I can't get into it
Three months later I try again and can't put it down!!
Go figure

Sometimes I have a craving for suspense
sometimes soppy romance
sometimes something historical
sometimes an old classic is all that will do 
but whatever I choose there is
one absolute criteria
It always has to be well written

Whilst we have had a wonderful time with our UK daughter
it has been a sad few weeks here and
I desperately wanted something light and breezy to read

Belong To Me'

Now doesn't this cover just scream
Chick lit?

Well it did to me
 so I grabbed it and raced home.

Chick lit
it is not
Beautifully and magically written
 it is
Light and breezy
it is not
A book to bury yourself in
it is
But sad and funny and uplifting as it is
it turns out it was just the book I needed

When I finished
I was so entranced with this authors writing
 that I went searching for anything else she had written
and found

Love Walked In'

I wish I had read it first
 as the characters are the same
and Belong to Me follows on a few years later

But had I picked it up first
would it have been the book I needed now?
I don't think so.
I can only say if you haven't read either of these
 do yourself a favour and get them
 but it might help to read in the right order


Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's just a piece of paper....!!!!

a simple sheet of paper
 is a wondrous thing

it can carry your words across the world
in the form of a letter

it can wrap a parcel

it can be the first page of a wonderful novel

or you can do this with it....!

                                                                                       see more of this at here

or this

I don't have any idea where I got these from
 but I have just found a link that
shows more here

they have been sitting in my files for ages

and I decided today was a good day to share them

as a collector of shoes these are a must! 

and this is just amazing and I recommend the link
I have included if you want to read about this artist 

                                                                                                                                          from here

of course
 if you are like me
 you just use paper to
wrap a gift like this!!

and then think you have done a wonderful job!!!!!!!!


Friday, November 12, 2010


this is a picture of me!

incandescent with joy 


                                            I hope this is just dress up and make believe!

UK daughter
arrives in Sydney tomorrow morning
for two whole weeks!!!!!!

I have not seen them for two long, long, long years
so I may be missing in action for awhile


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A truly lovely blog........

I can't put it of any longer
I have to make a decision
a hard decision
well a sort of hard decision

weeks ago
Karina from
Karina Gentinetta
gave me this lovely award

I took weeks to tell you the 
seven things about me
just so I didn't have to make the decision!
but now the time has come

I follow far too many of you
and I feel a very strong connection to some of you
and follow your  every post and I thought
how will I decide
and then I looked at the award again
and realised that
it is very specific

it's for
one lovely blog

and then suddenly it was clear as day
there was only one person I could pass it on to.

A lovely young blogger
who fills her days with more than I fill a week

A lovely young blogger
who makes incredibly beautiful things out of scraps
and ingenuity

A lovely young blogger
who shares her day and her family with us all

A lovely young blogger
whose house renovations are a joy

A lovely young blogger
who spends her hours studying

A lovely young blogger
whose comments always make you feel better

who,  is more deserving of this award than
the beautiful Tina at
Rubies place

Tina this is for you

I think I got this right
don't you?
off you go and visit her
and if you don't already know Tina 
you will fall in love!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Things I have to tell you ..6 & 7

No 6
is.... I am not a great fan of television
it has to be a really great show to hold my attention
but I never missed this lady

on this show
the cook and the chef

                                                                                                                                                the cook and the chef
I have several of her books

this being my favourite

I buy a lot of her products

just for us, as well as when we entertain
have been known to claim it as my own then!!!!


not being a fan of television
also meant I missed this rather
emotional moment

when Maggie Beer accepted her award
from our then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 
as she was named
senior Australian of the year

but I did see her on this

when she was the guest on Masterchef.
 which brings me to the final thing

No 7

6 degrees of separation
because I also missed
this show

                                                                                from... who do you think you are
'Who do you think you are'
and so missed the fact
that this incredible woman
this magnificent cook
and yours truly are 
distantly I will admit!!

  we  share
a great, great, great Grandmother
yep, there we are again back
to the Rottons  here and here

Maggie is the Great, great, Granddaughter
 of Walters wife Jane

So if you don't know Maggie Beer go
and you will find all sorts of lovely food stuff!


p.s. next post and I will pass the award on
Who knew how hard it is to narrow down
the lovely people I follow to just one!!!!


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