Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The last week has been a tiring one
this week does not look any better

worse in fact

On Sunday we catered lunch for 70

next Saturday we cater lunch for 80+

Did I say,
 we are not caterers!
We are a group of fundraising old ladies!

All I can think about at the moment is my bed

to sleep like a Princess in my castle

with the sun peeking through the curtains

OK I know you've all seen this one but
 it's my blog so I am allowed!!

as I snuggle into dreams of pink

and chocolate

asleep under the trees

where blissful dreams will follow

and when I wake from here I will be organised, refreshed
and ready to take on the world once more!


tell me please
why does my bed not look this glamorous
when I get up in the morning?

how do you think I would sleep 
this room?!!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

I see a touch of blue...!!..

Spring is just around the corner 
I can almost smell it 
but winter is not going to let go that easily.
 Over the last few weeks we have had our ten years worth of rain 
and in the last few days
 the wind has whistled down off these beautiful  blue ice fields

I love this icy blue colour so much that

I used to do this with my eyes

Then I got a bit braver and I did this

Ok I didn't have the piercings...
but if I'd been game....!!!

Of course I wasn't even game to do this much
particularly as blue eye shadow went so out of fashion!


now I am back to wearing a wee bit of makeup and I have bought some 
flash new icy blue eye shadow


I am very afraid I might just end up looking like this now


I am linking this post to



Today I have played
....and played
....and played
with the new blog templates

I have had an all black blog
Bit hard to read

a red background,
but as my posts are red
that was totally pointless! 

I have had flashy patterns on the sidebar
I have had no colour on the sidebar

I have had two columns
3 columns
2 columns
and then back to three

I tried new headers
I hit add to blog

not too sure if I liked what I saw when I hit view blog
thought I would go back to original

Oh Dear!!!!

I think they said to download original template
I am sure they said download original template
in case I wanted to go back!


I should have been a good girl
and spent the day doing the job I was supposed to
which was hammering  72 metal eyelets
into 7 painters drop sheets
(one every 12 inches)
for an event we have coming up this weekend!

Result of my playing
Blog  -1
drop sheets 0
I suppose there is always tomorrow!!!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

at the bottom of my garden.....

  Spring is on it's way
and today 
for a brief few moments 
we had some sunshine

so I wandered outside to bask

and found to my surprise
 that we had some visitors 
at the bottom our garden

The Fey had arrived

                                                                                                                                image by Olivier Ponsonnet  

 in all their drama

                                                                                                                        image by Christos Magganas
and their beauty... 

and if I was not mistaken
out of the corner of my eye 
I thought I might have seen


Now is that not prettier than my last post?


Thursday, August 19, 2010

memories, blessed memories......!!!

It's raining...it's pouring 
the old man is snoring....

My son turned 38 on Monday
and he used to love that nursery rhyme
so as I sit here by the fire 
listening to the rain on the roof and looking forward to summer, 
I  think back to the year he was born

We lived in a small country town in Victoria called Bacchus Marsh

                              the avenue of honour, entrance to the town

I didn't drive, we were new to town and Top was in the USA
on business so I fled back to NSW and the beloved parents
 with my 3 month old baby
but after two weeks of being spoilt I headed home three days before
Top was due to return.
My FIL picked me up at the airport drove the thirty miles home
 and as he was due back at work 
I shooed him away without inviting him in

You know those moments that you just never forget?

Glad to be home, I put the basinet down on the verandah
 and I opened the front door of our tiny little cottage
 which was not unlike this one here

and if you can imagine camel coloured carpet instead of grain 
this is the sight that met my eyes.
A moving sea of grey about 3 inches deep!!!!!

Thousands upon thousands of mice had taken over the house
 in the short two weeks I had been away. 
They were in every cupboard, the bed, the stove and the bath!!!

Lucas was left in his bassinet
 which was then balanced on tins of water on top of the sideboard
whilst I covered the house in newspapers and poisoned wheat.
After two long days,
 where closed eyes were not allowed because they knew
 and took the opportunity to run up your leg,
 we were down to just the odd one left
more poisoned wheat and the cleaning began.
Every surface, every possession
 had to be boiled and disinfected not once but twice

That house shone from top to bottom

Why am I telling this story?

remember I said I was looking forward to Summer?
well perhaps I am not 
as this is what we have had predicted for this year again!!!!

They have also predicted a locust plague
but that's a story for another post!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Because I had to share...!

I see an image
 that just makes me...


look again

and then I just have to


                                                                                                                                                   from here

This is one of those images 
and if you haven't seen it before 
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do



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