Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Favourite Building and it's fate

Renee Finberg from
 commented today on beautiful old buildings and their fate in this modern world and I immediately had to check on my favourite and
it is still there

The chandelier here I believe is the second largest crystal chandelier

isn't it wonderful combination of art deco, art nouveau, and over the top


This is the butterfly room

This is the gallery and it was such a thrill as a kid to walk in here.  Such beauty!

a small section of the gallery

The Gothic Hall 
if you want to see more
 they do have virtual tours of rooms I have never been into
 Its well worth a visit.
As a side note I will eventually learn how to make a link.
If someone would like to help on this I would be eternally grateful

I THINK I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S I get a huge kick out of comments in fact it would be fair to say that my reaction when I get one is completely over the top

Goodnight again!!


  1. how excellent is this?????

    thank you for the really beautiful examples that you have laid out here for us in your post.
    this could be my favorite too....


  2. This is an absolutely GORGEOUS building! It amazes me the care and talent that went into creating these artistic buildings when today any old concrete and steel box is acceptable. Beauty used to matter! Love your blog!


  3. Such an interesting place, love your choice of shots and, your link is fantastic! ; )

    Bye for now~

  4. Renee, Stephanie, Donatella what a kick to turn on the computer this morning and find your lovely comments. I can't tell you how exciting this all is. We are retired, we have taken on two renovations too many and with the drought I think depression was slowly creeping up as I was losing the energy to do anything. The blog world is waking me up I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you for commenting and an even bigger thank you for following

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment. Your blog is so interesting and there's something very sweet about it! Look forward to more.

  6. I am new at your blog. I grew up with Theaters like that and Houston tore them down.
    I pray that a few will be
    protected by the people who love beauty.



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