Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just cruising the sites!

Tonight I cruised over to some of my favourite shops
and when I discovered a new little trick re transferring images by copying (not a desperately good idea if you are worried about losing them. 
I don't think these are the original photos I put up
 I have a feeling some went walkabout!!)
I thought I would share some of the amazing images from

loading image ...

I can spend ages looking at each photo. This one I loved for the table
(I am passionate about tables!)
But...check out the boats and the amazing mirror right at the back

loading image ...
Is this cupboard quite small, or, is the lamp quite large?
loading image ...
their antique linen
loading image ...
The letters caught my eye here 
but the chesterfield would be ideal for Maggie and Souk
(no fabric for dog hairs to stick to)

loading image ...
These drawers made me think of Leigh from brabourne farm
(Not as pretty as mine Leigh but there are 44 here!!!)
The long red table would go well in my hall
 and the stacking stools painted up in the garden, absolutely!

Do you have a favourite shop site
 you just have to 
keep going back to?
Let me know I am always on the lookout to add to my favourites list

Why, no matter what I do,
 does the preview look totally different to the work I am doing?
The copy is meant to be centred, as are the first few photos,
There are spaces where they are not meant to be.
I think blogger is having a hissy fit or,
 we are quarreling over something or, I am just doing it wrong!!!!
Any suggestions



  1. Darn! I am just getting the red X...can't see the images.

    Wanna see the images. Whine.

  2. Linda Posted more, missed a few (the cupboard and a table!) will try and find tomorrow) Hope you can see these ones and enjoy them xx


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