Saturday, March 19, 2011

a relaxing day and impossible things!!!!!

It feels like forever since I have been here!
I have so much catching up to do
that it now seems an impossible task

Today we went out to lunch

and I have fallen in love with this building
it is what I would like our
next home to look like 
on a much slightly smaller scale

the alfresco dining is just beautiful 

and the different areas

make it hard to choose a place to sit

so I tried them all!!!!!!

This turned out to be my favourite and
over coffee we discussed other
impossible things
 like ipods and iphones

do I get one or both???
and what is the difference anyway? 

But the reason we went to lunch
 was to celebrate the fact
that, today,
 I am a whole year younger 
than I thought I was!!!!!

( so I am just going to pick up that missing year
 and there I intend to stay for the next ten years
until people say...
poor thing, she hasn't aged at all  well has she!!)

truly, old age can be really quite exciting sometimes!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


For those of you who think
I am totally mad.
my unwillingness to cut flowers

                                                                                                                         from here

began with a tree, twice the size of this
and a chain like this
hanging from the branches

and a gentle old lady

The tree was an almond tree and it was covered in fruit.
The wonderfully gentle elderly woman reached up
and picked a handful of the dried fruit and
showed me how to discover the nut inside.

Twice, I hit my head on the chains that were hanging
from one of the branches

(rather nasty, rusty old chain with three heavy strands
attached to a ring large enough to put your hand into)

Being the curious type I asked why it was hanging there

"Oh, dear, that's the tree beater"
"The what?"
"The tree beater,
 when we first came here, 50 years ago,
 the tree didn't bear fruit
so after a few years 
my Jack put this chain together for me and each year
I beat the tree, every day for a week, around the trunk,
and it has never failed to produce a crop like this."

Well I did have to ask why,  didn't I?!

The answer was that apparently almond trees
bear more fruit if they are stressed
and beating the trunk with a heavy chain rope
stresses the tree
Now the problem is that I have never forgotten that
and I figure if someone beat me with a chain
I would be stressed to
it would hurt!!!!!!

the question is
do you think it is possible that plant life might feel pain?

Just in case the answer is yes I no longer 
go on the attack with the secateurs!!!!!

What do you think?



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