Saturday, July 31, 2010

lovely surprises


the eating and making off
have become my new passion.

The last lot I made were just about perfect
 and if I could upload our images from our camera
 I would show you
 but we do seem to be having just a wee problem with that.
 Every time I do so the computer goes into fatal error and crashes!!
Anyway that was not the point of this story

The point is I went to check a page 
I knew I had bookmarked on the making of Macarons....
to compare of course!

I searched and 
I searched and
 one hour later I found!!

Do you have 100's of bookmarked pages?

because, really, this was ridiculous 

I didn't even remember what half of them were
so slowly and painfully, I checked each one and went
whoa stop there OK you can stay...
and so on till I came to this site here

These images make me think of summer and family
 and I just wanted to throw open my door
 and welcome these rooms right in

I am only half way through the bookmark file
 so I will now trundle back and see what else I can find
who knows 
there could be all sorts of beautiful things
 still waiting to be rediscovered!!!!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some time ago, 
I posted here
about our beautiful  handsome
Grandson Harry

Harry and his team had a wonderful few days and
 I am still hearing stories of his amazing sportsmanship
even though the results, for his team
 in the Special Olympics,
were only so so
was I surprised when we heard the latest news?

Not a bit!
He is our Grandson after all!!!!

and now I share it with you

Next year 

drum roll please

will join 
129 other special athletes from Australia
as they travel to Athens to participate in the


!  !  !  !  !

You go Harry!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A long, long whinge!!!!!!

For the last three weeks,

every time I turn on blogger,

I find the new design thing
I say
Tonight is the night
I will use a new design.

For the next three hours 
I try every template

I play with colours
I preview

I make the page 3 columns
I preview

I add pictures to fill up the empty spaces
I preview

My header won't centre!
I don't like the colour down the side!
The font won't work!
The colours are dull!

I need a new header
and paint won't do what I want

I delete the whole lot.
Think about what I want to post.
Look up at the clock,
 and those three hours 
I thought I had been here

Forget it!!!!

It has been five hours 
and if I don't go to bed soon
I will be useless tomorrow!!!!

So no post again.

I wonder if I need to get very brave
 and find someone
 who can tell me how to make it the way I want!

It's really quite embarrassing
 to have once been a designer
 and then to own the dullest blog on the block
 (not looking for compliments here)

We need a bloggy school where all the hints
and ideas are in one place
old people can understand!
I am fine until they start speaking
computer instead of English

You know how they have the piece on the bottom of a page
 that say something like
did this answer your question!
Yes O
No  O
then you press no
(because you have absolutely no idea what the page said)
 and up pops another little survey
and absolutely nothing changes

Does anyone else have this problem?
Am I just totally computer ignorant?
Have I just made this all too hard for myself?


PS. Tomorrow I will try again!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a lovely new blog

Youngest daughter 
is a writer
she writes speeches,
she writes newsletters
she writes things I don't understand
and she writes them for a large
London organization!

She also writes nonsense rhymes
and she has started a blog

She does not post often enough
 to satisfy her

I think she needs some encouragement

How about it?



Thursday, July 1, 2010

a gift for you....!

Oh my goodness
two posts in one day!!
This, though, is a gift
 for all of you who read my little blog.

I don't get around to cleaning my computer screen very often
and I have always found it 
nearly impossible to clean the inside 
where all the marks seem to be...
 and then I found this....
and for those of you who don't have it
I thought I would gift it to you so just press

(sorry link collapsed) 

and your screen will loo as good as new in no time!!!!



P.S. 3 people have downloaded my signature!
Why on earth would any one want to do that?!!!!

I have to visit Guernsey!

This is just a quick word before I go of to visit the children,
drop in to the Sydney gift fair
have afternoon tea at the Queen Victoria building,
and help my daughter with plans for no 2 son's 21st birthday


I had to post to 
all you readers out there
if you have not read 
The Guernsey 
Literary and
Potato Peel Pie
Mary Anne Shaffer

do yourself a favour and go right out now and buy it
You will not be able to put it down

Mary Schaffer was 70 when she wrote this book
 and unfortunately didn't live to see it published
It is everything the written word should be and I am
at the story,
 the writing and the
 sheer poetry of this written work.
Enough said
 go and get it now
Unless of course 

I am just the last person to read it

if so, I would love to hear
 what you all thought about it
 and if you loved it as much as I do 

Random house also have a lovely site here




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