Sunday, February 7, 2010

Its all about the presentation!

Today I am of to a clearing sale  
and  also to check the facilities of a local kitchen
We  have a small group of us here who started raising money to help build a dementia wing on our local retirement home.
Our first meeting 6 years ago it was decided
Of course now all we do 

and we have become amazingly good at it.
We are now the official wedding caterers at our local Golf Club!

Next Sunday we are catering for 80 people. A birthday party for 3 generations of the one family from a 2 year old up.
The kitchen facitlities are a mystery though so I am off to check what stove and cold storage they have.

These photos are taken from my last big Birthday and this one shows the entree
or first course. The main meal was a spitted pig and didn't last long enough to get a photo
(it was insanely delicious )
But we got one of desert before it went out

doesn't it look pretty?
 Have a good day

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