Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have a problem!!!!!

Once upon a time 
I carried a book with me where ever I went...
I rarely watch television....
I don't play bridge....
I'm a total failure on the tennis court!!

anything and everything!

fiction (classic and/or tacky!)
nonfiction (beautiful, and/or dry)

These bookcases are, only three of seven,
 we have scattered around the house,
  then I have 6 large storage boxes full in the garage!
I used to read, on average, a book every two days

I am reading Jodi Picoult's
House Rules 
 at the moment 
and I
have been reading it for four days and I am up to page

Why is it taking so long?

because in the last three months


Each day I click onto my blog roll, with every....every intention
of just quickly
                      the list 
                                                                         to see what everyone is up to
                                                                                it will only take 5 minutes!

(I started with a  list of 3
I am not game to see how many wonderful people I follow now!)

but I roll onto
Brabourne farm,
tongue in cheek,
a room for everyone....
...hang on that looks interesting...I like that photo...who's that?

comment on what a beaut photo....
glance to the side and...
whoa, that looks good...who's that?

and so it goes for 
This is taking over my life
for all those who say they cannot resist
a new online site
so please don't put any new ones up!!
I know what you mean
but I will
not be happy until you are all as addicted as me!!
blogaholics want everyone to join them!!!



  1. Know exactly what you mean - soon there might be blogaholics anonymous I feel !!!

  2. You are adorable!!
    I loved reading your "About me"!
    And I can totally relate to your blog addiction :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog... I think?

  3. Ha ha, right with you babe. It's intoxicating! Rachaelxx

  4. That was fabulous...and thanks so much for the special mention!! I completely empathise. I used to read at least two books a week and like you am struggling to finish anything at all, including the housework! Maybe over Easter these pesky bloggy people will take a break and give us our lives back...what do you think? Probably not. I just moved into a much smaller house and donated hundreds of my books to Lifeline. I'm still grieving!!

  5. Julienne, I couldn't agree more!! I've got a pile of unread books on my bedside table but I just can't get started because I spend most of my nights on the web,looking at my favorite blogs or looking for some more.. Oh dear! I hope a cure for blogmania is found soon!
    In the meantime i think I'll just dwell on it ;))
    Hugs, Flaviana

  6. What on earth are we going to do with all those unread books....I know I'll just check and see if there are any blogs on books....!!! Kerry how could you? We are looking to sell and move into a much, much smaller place but all my books are coming with us (me) they are my friends! Top says they are going to the tip! hahaha!!!

  7. I wonder if there is a support group.. of coarse, it would have to be a blog or none of us would show up!;)

    This morning I was heading up the stairs to hmmm...check the weather forcast on the computer and my girls said "Oh no.. don't go upstairs.. now we'll never get to go see the Easter Bunny!" :-D

  8. So glad I stopped by via Renae...I have been reading the same book for 2 weeks! Watched tv last night for the first time in months.

    Blogging is like being tossed down the rabbit hole!!!

  9. i am discovering that is nice to know that there are vast population out there who are so passionate about something...collecting inspiring photos, taking photos of their homes and gardens and adoring their own objects of obsession...then i realized that i am not that different (unusual) after is also a pleasant surprise to meet someone who visits your blog...i am truly enjoying it! you have a nice blog...take care! maryann

  10. You are so cute and boy are you not alone. I tend to feel guilty if I can't catch up with my blog friends & then I'm guilty for not getting anything accomplished. What a tangled web we weave? Glad though, I'm not alone in my angst!

    Happy Easter weekend to you and yours ~ deb

  11. Great post Julienne. I think it's safe to say that most of us suffer the same blogoholism that you do...HELP! It's Easter am and my little one wants to go see what the easter bunny left her but here I am stuck on your blog. :)
    Happy Easter to you.

  12. Great Post, welcome to blogland. I know what you mean, I have actually burned my dinner before because I did not know how long I had been on a blog. Then you add your own posting to the reading and time does get away from you, but It is a harmless addiction as long as the family doesn't mind burned dinners and lack of clean clothes and house, hehe,Kathysue

  13. Julienne, oh so true. I started following a few blogs and now my list is so long I can't visit them all (otherwise I would die of hunger as I would never get off my chair and I wouldn't work, or socialize, get the point). This blog universe is addictive, but I love it. Lovely post. You said what's on our minds...

  14. Too funny. Yeah, you got it. And you got it bad! : )

    jules (aka Julianne - only my mother {{when i've been bad}} and the tax dept call me that now though. Would have preferred Julienne {{but don't tell mum}}, that's very pretty!)


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