Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pretty in pink...

Today is Lise's birthday.

Mike is slowly improving

and her favourite colours are
so peonies for your birthday Lise

a princess bed to sleep in

a crystal chandelier

shutters and white lace

lots of Rachael Ashwell

a comfy corner and a good book

a cup of tea with Lily

a pair of pink shoes

a bright pink hat

shopping bags with all the right names
from Katie's travels

and a new dining room!!!!!

These are my wishes for you 


most of all, I wish you a safe trip home with Mike 


and I am glad this happens only once a year 'cause I don't like the pink type



  1. Beautiful, what lovely wishes. Hope Mike gets better soon! Rachaelx

  2. Um, my birthday is in September, could you decorate a house for me too, please?

  3. I'd be happy with any one of these gorgeous things! Hope things are improving for you and life is a bit less stressful. Enjoy your weekend. Leigh

  4. Lovely photographs.. happy birthday to Lise and get well very soon to her husband...x

  5. I'll take the comfy corner with the good book...after my cup of tea!

    Thanks for your visit! I won't become the size of a'll just have extra filling in the middle.

    Happy Blogging! Lilly

  6. The things we do for our treasured kids Julienne! Your pink post is truly gorgeous, I'm very taken with those framed Designer shopping bags, too cute. Happy Birthday Lise!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Thank you SO much for my beautiful beautiful wishes.....I wish I lived in every room. If I was half as clever as you I could have decorated a house for you in white with fabulous splashes of red throughout!! I could have done this for YOUR Birthday....which is the same day as mine!
    Lots and lots of pink love,

  8. Love the pink post Julienne. I've just stumbled upon your blog and all I can say is I'm glad I did. Oh, and I'm completely in love with your house - you live in my dream home!
    I'm off to have a good read, somehow I think it may take a while!!
    Kerri x


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