Thursday, March 25, 2010


As a family
we are gypsies by nature
We have lived in 32 homes
in 5 states!
One daughter has lived in NSW all her married life.
One daughter has traveled all over the world
 and, has lived in the UK twice.
Our son can't decide!
Two days ago he said they might go back to Tasmania...
They did that last year, stayed three months and then
back to Queensland!


as usual I looked up the real estate pages in Tassie



I fell in love

As daughter no 2 (Katie) said, even the furniture could stay,
except I would swap the lounge for something in white
linen with some red check cushions

We would only have to plant lots of trees
 and all those beautiful shrubs like peonies and azaleas
 that grow so well in Tasmanian weather.
Don't you just love it?
and this is the street it is in

Once upon a time I would have wanted one
 of the amazing stone Georgian cottages
but now I am getting to the stage where new (with character)
 is more appealing.
There is not the horrendous upkeep.


all I have to do is sell our house and then wait for our son Luc
to say 


we are staying this time
and then...
 this little gem
 is all



pictures from here



  1. GM Julienne, I am with you, I love this!!! I have been in my home for 32yrs. I moved a lot as a child but Hubby has lived in this town for all but 2 yrs of his life. I think about moving from time to time but our house is a memeber of the family now. Too many memories here. It does sound exciting to be able to move and make changes so frequently. Thank you sooooo much for being such a loyal blogging buddy and always leaving such fun comments on my blog, I really appreciate it, Have a wonderful Wednesday,Kathysue

  2. That is a sweetie. I love weatherboards and I love Tasmania! Rachaelxx

  3. Oh wow that house is fantastic, I'd move to Tasmania for that ;)


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