Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's your favourite colour

Whilst I love most colours,
 there are some  combinations 
that make me stop and have a second look.
That's when I know I have to put that
 photo, sketch, fabric, paint sample etc
 into my file for later consideration
The file is bulging at the seams
 so I thought
 I would reorganise.
Guess what I found?
There is a colour that
 stops me in my tracks


It doesn't have to be bold and bright 
I  think the red/white check floor just has that excitement factor 
that lifts it above the normal black/white....NO?

When mixed with the warmth of the floor and the bag here becomes a cool colour
Work that one out...I can't!!!!

  above ...the red throw makes the purples
 in the wall hangings and on the side table
 sing out
....and below

 it subdues the black and stops 
it from overpowering the room

You know here...
who would ever notice if you had a spot on the lovely white lounge
 or a cat size dust bunny poking out from underneath. 
The eye is so totally drawn to the art but it doesn't overpower the rest..
(.of course I haven't seen it in real life so that might be all of the room and it might just slap you in the face!!!!!!!)

From high drama to country chic with the flash of a bit of red check

Then high drama again

This is the true warmth of
strike a match to the logs,
 grab a good book,
 pull the throw over your knees,
 a cup of earl grey tea on the box,
 a still warm madoline
and heaven help anyone who disturbs me

I confess, I confess
images 6 & 8 I think I pinched from Kathysue here
the rest, out of my files whose origins have long disappeared...Sorry.

I still can't say that red is my favourite colour
 but it is one that attracts my attention 
(So I guess that is why it is used for stop lights...DUH!!!)
It makes my heart makes me want to stay awhile...
it makes me want to come back

Do you have a colour that affects you like that?



  1. I am partial to a splash of red as it gives some "pop" to a neutral decor. My favourite colour at present is chocolate hence the bathroom that we are working on at present will have chocolate floor tiles.

    Leeann x

  2. Julienne, Thank you for the mention and the concern but no problem. Most of the photos I don't even know where I got them. It is a public domain, I appreciate your concern. Thank you again for mentioning my blog that is truly sweet,kathysue

  3. Love these combinations and my favourite of all your photos is the last one - gorgeous!

  4. Isn't Red Amazing! I have loved Red for years and can't get away from it in my home.I love the all white with red as well, My fav! Thanks for sharing.~Kim

  5. I love that last picture too! There's something about it that really reminds me of home! xx

  6. It's amazing how many people are mentioning red at the moment. I wonder if it is because I am so aware of it that I am noticing? Katie I love you like mad but I think perhaps you have been away too long! Tonight's post contains a photo to remind you what home really is!!!!!!

  7. You're right - great minds think alike! Love all the images you've chosen - now I just have to convince myself to go and buy something red. I set off with great intentions but when the time comes to hand over the money I panic and buy it in white instead. One day .... Leigh

  8. Leigh start with something flowers perhaps...then the throw over a white's such a happy colour...BUT...I bought 'Top' a red sweater and we had to throw it out when we realised it made him angry having red that close!!!!

  9. i have grown to really love red too!!
    chinese red or orange - red are my faves.


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