Monday, April 5, 2010

It's yellow for me.....

I was just following again tonight and got to
who was talking about
and so I had to share my yellow too!!!

unfortunately the flash changes the colour a bit
 its really a much cleaner yellow than this

The green and gold works better in real life than it does here!

The pink paper roses look good against it though!

This is taken from the front door
 looking down to the middle door
 and then on to the back door

This is taken from the middle door looking to the front
Pity the front door doesn't show as it is truly beautiful
I must try and photograph it one day.

(do you think I could have put away the hair dryer before taking this photo?!!!)

The yellow we have used here
 is quite clear and strong 
but as the hall is so dark
white would not have worked.
 When we first moved in
 it was battleship grey and really depressing 

That's my yellow and I'm sticking to it....!



  1. Julienne, Your yellow is so bright and sunny. I love your hallway, is it a shot-gun house? That is what we call them when it is a straight shot from front door to back door. What wonderful character your home has. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your loved ones, blogging buddy,Kathysue

  2. I love those long hallways, all the way from the front to the back. Love your yellow, it's like sunshine! Rachaelxx

  3. Look at your gorgeous, gorgeous hall... it's to die for!... and I happen to love the hair dryer... it says 'someone real lives here'! A-M xx

  4. Can I come and live in your hallway please? It's fabulous. So if that's a yes, feel free to leave the hair dryer and I'll just bring the hair straightener so we have a matching set. Enjoy your day.

  5. Your yellow is wonderful, and I love your house!! Thanks for the mention!

  6. Such a happy yellow, Julienne - looking good! x

  7. Hi Julienne I just love your wide hallway - you can fit so much stuff eitherside and your floors do look beautiful. Thanks for your comments on my leadlight drinks trolley - I wont be painting this beauty anytime soon too beautiful as is. Hope your enjoying your easter as we are. Sandy x

  8. I can guarantee how fabulous this colour is...the photos don't really do it justice! I hope it wasn't me that left the hair dryer there! xx Lise

  9. OK vintage pink princess I am still waiting for that first post!!!!! responsibility for the dryer I will leave you to fight out with Kate. You were both on site at the time! xxxxxx

  10. Julienne,
    What a fabulous house!!!! I love the long hallway with arched full of character!

  11. Love your yellow, and you are too funny with your blow dryer, you made me laugh.. thanks! xoxo Now happily following-

  12. i love the yellow with the painted white pieces.



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