Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The links in a chain...!!!!

It appears that, quite unwittingly, I seem to have been awarded


so thank you but...
Next time I will read everything!
Apparently I am supposed to tell you

7 things about me

so here we go....

1. I always break chains!!!

2. I can step over a pile of books on the floor
 for six months (and never see them)
but dust bunnies make me scream with frustration!

I've only just noticed the pile of things on the table...
I wonder what they are and...how long were they there!!!!

3. I once wrote for a living
(hard to believe now!) 

4. I once worked for Vogue!!!!!

5. If I hadn't been bored at work 
the Australian magazine Bride to Be would not exist

6. I am addicted to the letter C
chocolate (Haighs)
catalogue auction sales
etc. etc. etc.
(Very few of them any good for me)

7. I was once a presenter on a lifestyle TV show
( that was done in by funniest home videos!!!)

You know I don't think any of those things tell you about me 
this would do it better

This room could be ME!
just add grandchildren and a
sight hound or 2 or 3 or 4!



  1. Ooh, congratulations on the award! You deserve it! :-) Ah yes, the pile of clothes... you know, I think that was actually there the last time I was home! xxx

  2. They were there...you took the photo!

  3. Yay, well done Julienne! You're a bit of a dark horse, aren't you? All those interesting little facts..I can tell you, you're a lot more interesting than me! Rachaelx

  4. Where was I
    that I missed this post? Did we not know each other then? Oh wait I'll go comment on the current post. xoxo Jane


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