Sunday, March 14, 2010

comfort food

It has been a dreadful week and
we are in dire need of comfort food!

Coffee meringue, cream and mixed berries
What more could you ask for.

Our son-in-law, Mike, went on his annual cricket tour last weekend
and ended up in Hospital for an emergency appendectomy.
Unfortunately, probably a day too late
 as they burst as the Dr's were removing.

 He has been a very sick boy.

Fortunately the country town he ended up in when he went to hospital 
is only an hour from us, so our daughter Lise is staying with us at night
 and spending the days with Mike at the hospital. 
Tiring for her, poor Darling, but she is coping remarkably well.
Her first night she was only 10 minutes from us 
when she was third car to arrive
 on a dreadful accident. 
The truck involved exploded
 and the road became impassable
 so she had to turn around retrace her steps and come the long way.
 A one hour trip became three and a half!
She didn't need the extra worry
 and fortunately no one was badly hurt
 in either the truck or car involved in the accident.
But all in all it is time for my daughter-in-laws comfort food!!!!



  1. Oh that is terrible nothing like adding insult to injury. How wonderful that you are such a thoughtful mother to be their soft place to fall. Take care of your family and I hope Mike will get better soon. Thank goodness he got to the hospital when he did. Keep us posted, I will be thinking of your family,Kathysue

  2. Gosh I hope your ALL have a better week - best wishes to Mike for a speedy & uneventful recovery.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Thank you Kathysue and Millie for your best wishes

  4. What a fun blog! Meringue cakes are my fave! Hope this is a better week for ya.

  5. that looks so so good! :)

  6. sending lots of love your way and wanting you to know...that cake looks YUMMMMY!

  7. So sorry to hear your son-in-law is unwell. My daughter had burst appendix when she was 11 so I know how awful it can be for all concerned. Nasty things aren't they?
    Wishing him a speedy recovery,
    Kerri x


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