Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things I have to tell you ...5!


I have a secret to confess
but don't let it get out
don't spread it around
this is just between you and me!

I have fallen in love with
a younger man,
a Frenchman,
a policeman!

a man who cooks divinely,
who enjoys his wine,
his rugby and his tennis
who takes time to train the children,
who knows everything to know
about his town and his people,
a kind man, a savvy man
and his name is 

I have spent 
4 days in his company
and cannot wait to spend
another few days

but I thought you might like to meet him
as I have just discovered he has
his very own BLOG!

Now he must also be a very shy man
as the photo on his blog 
you will find his blog

It is a wonderful place to visit,
he will tell you all about his region,
his wines, his food and also all about the man
who introduced me to Bruno
whose name is
Martin Walker

Now because I am a very generous soul
and don't have a jealous bone in my body
I encourage you to go meet
because if you are a bit of a
Francophile like me
you will also fall in love!


there is
a very sad note to this story
Bruno only exists
in the pages of these
three books
all of which I have now read

so to see him again I have to wait patiently
 for Martin Walker to hurry up and write
the next adventure!

I am running out of things to disclose as after nearly
100 posts I think I have told you just about everything!
but if you've tagged along  only recently
you might like to go here
where very early on I confessed
seven other facts!



  1. I love your style Julienne!! Have loved reading about you and learning more. Well written...Im off to get my hands on Bruno. Thanks for the tip.
    Rebecca x

  2. Wow, as a non reader, i'm so impressed when my friends get so into books, sounds fantastic!! My sister married a Frenchman, sexy name & everything. He's hilarious & very Australianised now, but has the fine taste for his produce & can cook amazingly well. Love Posie

  3. Julienne, I'm so sorry that your affair with Bruno is having a brief hiatus, but I'm very glad of the introduction. My 'to be read' pile is a mile high but what's a few more? You've made him sound irresistible :)

  4. Julienne, I am baaaack! I have missed you. I see you have been involved with a mysterious man so it appears you have been quite busy,hehe. It is good to be home after being gone 3 weeks. I am just now coming out of jet lag and being a bit sick this week, trying to catch up, hugs Kathysue

  5. I'm so happy to have a book recommendation - can't wait to get to know Bruno!

  6. you are such a tripper!
    that is some blog.
    the header is amazing.

    i am going back to do more research.


  7. Thanks for the very generous information about Bruno - he sounds so lovely! x

  8. I've just popped over to Bruno's blog, I have to get these books!

  9. Looks like a great way to have a great romance with no strings! I'll head over to his blog and take a look!

  10. Ah yes, the love affairs we have with characters in books and movies..Good writers really seduce us, don't they? Rachaelxx

  11. Hmmm.... a new author. They sounds like great reads! Thanks for the tip!

  12. I'm thinking Julienne that I must start reading these books. I have a great imagination!!

    Hugs x

  13. Ooh Julienne, I have not had the time to read anything other than textbooks all year, but now Uni is over for 2010, I am going to put Bruno on my To Read list straight away! Thanks for the introduction!! I am loving learning these wonderful things about you, especially as your posts are so incredibly well written, they really are a joy to read:) Hugs ~ Txx


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