Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I have to tell No 3.... and 4!

From when I was a small child
to right up until I left home
I was a prolific letter writer


If you were related to me,
a school friend,
if you had me to stay,
if you gave me a gift

I wrote you a letter

if you were a boyfriend 
I wrote you many a letter!


After I had finished the letter
 I would address the envelope with great care

I would race downstairs to my Father
and beg a stamp
but it had to be a pretty stamp!!

back upstairs, stamp on
I would put it in my top drawer to reread tomorrow
just to make sure it sounded alright

                                                                                                       Don't know where this beauty came from

Now the time came when it was time to leave home
the time came to marry
the time came for my Mother to get rid of the junk
I left behind

We had left the chest that sat in my dressing room
and my Mother thought she would take it downstairs
but it was too heavy


she opened the drawers and found

                                                                                                                                                    image by Yunhee Kim
hundreds of letters
all addressed and stamped
with penny stamps and every thing else 
up to  5 cent stamps!
(not a big jump in nearly 20 years!!!)

Not one of those  letters 
had ever been sent!!!!

in her wisdom my Mother 
took those letters to the Sydney GPO

where the Postmaster, when told the story
agreed to send the letters as they were
this is a long time ago and Postmasters could decide things like that then

                                   Taken a bit of a Liberty here Benjamin Franklin image from Google

Nearly everyone who received one of those letters wrote back
and said some really lovely things
not one of those letters was addressed to me
they were all addressed to my MOTHER!!!!!!!!

So now I don't write letters, not many emails, and I try very hard
to reply to you all but occasionally I hold back the reply
to improve it and, you guessed it, it stays in my draft file!

I never draft my blog I sit, write and publish
Frequently I have to edit horrendous spelling mistakes 
and statements I didn't mean to make 
but at least they get published!

If I comment on your blog it has taken
real effort to press the send button
without previewing,
so if I ever offend I appologise now
as it would not have been meant
I just write too quickly and sometimes it
doesn't come out how it should!

There are now 15 draft blogs on file that I know
will never see the light of day
as my Mum is no longer with me to send them

There you have things 3 and 4 I have to tell
and I think I know who I will pass the award on to...I think!!



  1. Now I feel really privileged that we emailed today Julienne. And not a spelling mistake in sight :)

  2. I am really enjoying reading more about you Julienne. Now I know why your posts are so well written!! I tend to write, read it over then get too critical so send it anyway - so there will always be a mistake somewhere. Cant wait to hear more.

  3. The little comment you left for Tina at Rubies Place really struck a chord with me and prompted me to come over for a visit. I am so glad I did. Beautifully written and heartfelt. Will be looking forward to the next instalment. Hope you are having a great week! ;)Sharyne

  4. Oh Julienne, you could never offend!! You write the most beautiful, heartfelt, inspiring and encouraging comments. I quite often just close my eyes and press publish / send and hope for the best :S I am loving learning these things about you and can't wait for No.5. Have a wonderful Wednesday my lovely friend ~ Txx

  5. Aaaah - this is lovely and also so nice for Auspost to send the letters too... You are a darling Julienne. Always press that publish button - you could never offend. x

  6. jules,

    i love this story as i am sure to love you.

    this post sounds like something from a scene
    in a romantic movie.
    a movie that i would watch time,
    and time again.


  7. I totally understand where you are coming from -- my last blog post was in the works for weeks before I finally pressed publish!

  8. such a funny, heartfelt post Julianne, I loved it. I think any words written no matter by what means is a great gift, especially from you!

    xx oo

  9. You have a way with words...

    I enjoyed reading your story/post...

  10. This was a really interesting insight into you, it's a little quirky, I like it!

  11. Mama, I think everyone needs to know your love for Haighs! I'm sure this is not something that has previously been disclosed! xxx

  12. Julienne, what a sweet spirit you are and how honored I feel to always get the best comments from you. You use to always be my very first commenter and I remember always thinking there she is she is always there.What a privilege it is to recieve such lovely faithful comments from you. This is an absolutley amazing story. You are an amazing writer and I am so glad you have ventured out into blogland. What a gift it is to us and what a wonderful outlet it is for YOU!! xoxo Kathysue


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