Monday, November 1, 2010

Things I have to tell you ..6 & 7

No 6
is.... I am not a great fan of television
it has to be a really great show to hold my attention
but I never missed this lady

on this show
the cook and the chef

                                                                                                                                                the cook and the chef
I have several of her books

this being my favourite

I buy a lot of her products

just for us, as well as when we entertain
have been known to claim it as my own then!!!!


not being a fan of television
also meant I missed this rather
emotional moment

when Maggie Beer accepted her award
from our then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 
as she was named
senior Australian of the year

but I did see her on this

when she was the guest on Masterchef.
 which brings me to the final thing

No 7

6 degrees of separation
because I also missed
this show

                                                                                from... who do you think you are
'Who do you think you are'
and so missed the fact
that this incredible woman
this magnificent cook
and yours truly are 
distantly I will admit!!

  we  share
a great, great, great Grandmother
yep, there we are again back
to the Rottons  here and here

Maggie is the Great, great, Granddaughter
 of Walters wife Jane

So if you don't know Maggie Beer go
and you will find all sorts of lovely food stuff!


p.s. next post and I will pass the award on
Who knew how hard it is to narrow down
the lovely people I follow to just one!!!!


  1. I had such a nice look at the website - some really good-looking recipes there. I'm sure that Australia must be a lot like Canada. Neither country has a huge population, so the six degrees of separation are easy to unravel.

  2. It's Maggie's quince paste for me Julienne, but I've failed to make a recipe with verjuice in it I'm afraid!

  3. I couldn't agree more Julienne. I think Maggie Beer is a national treasure. Not only is she the most amazing and talented cook but she is just so humble and gracious with it. And to think you guys are related.....wonderful! ;)Sharyne

  4. I have never heard of her so as soon as I wash the paint off of every inch of my body,, I'll be back to check her out.

    xo Jane

  5. I love Maggie too and she is just so nice with it. A x

  6. Oh I love Maggie Beer too Julienne.. Did you write and tell her you are related - how exciting! love, Semi-E

  7. I don't know her. I will have to google some of her recipes! She sounds amazing.

  8. I love The Cook and The Chef! (was watching a repeat on Austar yesterday) Ive also been to her cafe and shop in the Barossa Valley. Am also a fan of her produce. Saw her and loved her appearance on Masterchef, but didnt see her accept her award either. Id be bragging if I was related!!!
    Rebecca x

  9. Hi Julienne,
    I just found your blog (via Ann's Villa Life) and have enjoying reading it. Can't wait to follow and read more. Related to Maggie? That's a great claim to fame! Emma.

  10. P. Just pure luck on this one a friend was watching the show!
    KERRY, I use the verjuice a bit like vinegar (don't know if that is right but it tastes delish!
    GV50. Obviously that wonderful warm personality runs in the family!!!!!
    JANE, Maggie doesn't mind a bit of paint!
    ANN, her recipes are fabulous too.
    SARAH I am waiting for Maggie to write and say she is related to me!!!!
    JENNY, you will love the recipes. Good food with an Aussie twist!
    REBECCA, do you suppose Maggie's bragging about me yet?!!
    EMMA welcome I love when new people drop by you are welcome to stay a while meet the rest of my family!!

  11. I'll have a look -- interested to see what Aussie food is like,

  12. That is so incredibly cool!! I need to check out this dynamic woman & cook.Any foodie is a friend of mine. I love your series Julienne.

    Cheers to you my dear xx

  13. I love her too!!! she is so adorable and such an amazing cook!!
    I used to watch her cooking program all the time when living in New Zealand...unfortunately we can not get same channels from Dubai. the way, you have a gorgeous blog!!

  14. Oh what a nice post.
    Nice to know you like her too.

    My mom loves to cook and has her book,
    now it is in my own family's kitchen.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. I have never heard of her...but you have me quite intrigued.

    More so by something called blood plum pudding...prey tell?

  16. Oh Julienne, I see why I love you so!!! I am a HUGE fan of Maggie's too! Never missed an episode of the Cook & the Chef and her quince paste is a staple in our house!!! I am sooooo impressed that you are related to her...Eeek!!! Loved this post as always Julienne ~ Txx

  17. Really fabulous series Julienne! I'm not surprised that you & Maggie B. are related after seeing some of the incredible food spreads you & the other girls put on earlier in the year.
    Millie ^_^

  18. Julienne, I have not been getting your post in my dashboard and today I got one and I can not believe all the post I have missed, Sorry! I am off to peruse!! Kathysue

  19. Oh! My! Goodness! I've just been "cruising your Blog" for the very first time and here we are....related!! Jane Meredith is my gggg whatever Grandmother too :) .....and it is on the Rotton side that we are related....and my husband is actually related through the Parmeter side of Jane's family.....when the Women's Weekly arrived I presented it to him with the words "She is related to you and me, but actually a little more closely related to you than me" :) Indeed a small world :)


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