Thursday, October 7, 2010

The cooking class....

Last Sunday 
we had a real treat

Instead of cooking for others
we cooked for ourselves

under the very learned
eye and hand of Johanna
who has just come back from
a week of cooking classes at
 Casa Ombuto in Tuscany

we all arrived in the commercial kitchen....
oh dear I must have been late

the tables were set up

like this and each place had a jar of aromatic salt
as a gift from Johanna

she briefed us on what we were going to be doing
.....some of us were listening!

but the pasta lessons were not for everyone

some of us thought we might have made
 a... tiny.... wee.... error!

but mostly we worked well together

even Mother and Daughter

and the pasta turned out surprisingly well

then we all sat down
 while the meal, we had helped prepare,
was plated up and served to us like this

Millefooglie di baccala e porri su crema di rucola
Codfish & leeks with puff pastry on rocket cream

La Sfoglia salsa con meanzone
Spaghetti with  eggplant sauce

Bistecca Fiorentina
rare steak with salad!

Semifreddo aile noci e ciccolato bianco
Walnut and white chocolate semifreddo.
. . .
our cooking class was
  a taste of Tuscany
I am not a fancier of fish and I loathe eggplant
but I can honestly say, I thoroughly enjoyed every
mouthful of this delicious meal!
and it would appear
 I have broken all my promises to myself
 and have allowed some images of an aged me to appear!!!!!

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  1. Looks like Fun! What beautifully presented food! I have to say I loathe eggplant too :-)

  2. oh that looks like an amazing meal ... it just sounds very very yummy!

  3. delicious and yummy c post.
    what fun to look at the procedures...

    here is mine;

  4. The food looks wonderful! The class sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  5. This looks like such yummy fun!

  6. That looks fabulous. Nothing nicer than getting together to cook, eat and drink...not necessarily in that order!

  7. What beautiful presentations are here with this fabulous food fanfare.I liked this culinary art you posted today. Come join me soon. Anne

  8. Wonderfully cooked & presented cuisine! Yummy!

    Have a lovely weekend in lovely Aus!


  9. How cool to do it together like that! And the food looks HEAVENLY!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments...I'm your new follower...

    That meal looks divine {{{envy}}}


  11. wow what fun . I run a kids cookery class our food never looks that good

  12. how cool is that! The food looks YUMMMMM

  13. I host cooking lessons in my home from time to time, thanks for a look at the other side! I hope the folks who take my classes have as much fun as you had at yours!

  14. My husband went to a similar cooking event/dinner with the people he works with, and he loved it.

    I can see why!


  15. wow....
    i am impressed.
    the food looks outstanding.
    i bet it was too.


  16. I started reading and started getting hungry. I suddenly remembered my pizza from dinner out last night was in the fridge. Oh maybe I should have read this in the morning. Lovely post.....ummmm good pizza too! :D~ Ames

  17. It looks delicious! I'm going to search for recipes for the first two course and give it a go :-)

  18. Julienne, this looks like so much fun! The table setting looks so beautiful and the food looks divine! I would love to try the codfish and leeks!! What a wonderful way to spend a day! ~ Tina x

  19. What a treat that must have been. Years ago I belonged to a cooking club that met in a commercial much more fun than a regular kitchen.

  20. WOWZA! does that look delish!
    Why do I live in the usa :(

  21. Great post for the Letter class...I'd love to take one with the gourmet foods you have shown here. Thanks for visiting my C post on Computerin' In Texas...Sue

  22. Oh. I am so envious. This looks like amazing fun. And doing it in a commercial kitchen. Green with envy here...totally.

    Thanks for this absolutely delicious stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    I really, really enjoyed reading about your fun!

    Thank you for linking.



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