Wednesday, October 6, 2010

World wide shopping...!

We are in desperate need
absolutely, desperate need of a 
new duvet cover 
for our bedroom.

I would normally go and buy a plain white one
but really our bedroom here 
needs more than that.
It's quite a large room 
and the ceilings are 14' high.

Wall are French grey, carpet grotty cream
white marble fireplace with pale green tiles

We inherited deep red silk taffeta curtains
the colour of the dark middle of this apple.

We have a large square bay window and 
one other window in the room so it is a lot of curtains!!
Got a quote to replace with fairly ordinary
(but nice) fabric


we live with the curtains!!!!
This is what I would like but it only comes
in a comforter set!

                                                                       I pinched this from renee finberg. I think!!


I went looking

                                                                                                                                                                        Pottery Barn
 and nowhere in Australia could I find what I want

or for that matter around the world!!!! 

                                                                                                                                                          Ralph Lauren
some are too light
                                                                                                                                                                  pottery barn                                                                                                                     
some the red is too red,


what does a girl have to do
 to find the right duvet cover 
when she has the whole world too choose from
and still can't find the one that
will be just right...
the one that will tie the room together?



  1. jules,

    i don't know if we have discussed whether you
    can sew or not, but.....
    silk is SOOOOOO cheap (not taffeta)
    you know those chinese silk worms have no 'unions', so it is non stop production.
    it really is less expensive than cotton or linen. crazy.

    and you could whip one up in no time if you could sew.
    a duvet really is just a giant pillow case-
    hahahah if i can sew!
    i can't.

    love to you my girlfriend!

  2. Hmmmm difficult ... what about find some fabric you like and get one made up with pillow cases too or do them yourelf if you are handy with a sewing machine? x

  3. I'm pretty sure a girl does what I've done (after surfing all those sites) and she decides that she'll make do for another year with the pale yellow curtains and the pale floral bed cover.
    Good luck!

  4. I too am going to suggest having one made. i can't sew why should you? But you can buy beautiful fabric and get some fabulous local seamstress to whip it up for you. I use my friend Anne, but I don't know if she's available to travel right now.

    go to fabric store, show us some options.

    xo jane

  5. I have just discovered iron on tape for hemming so Top's pants don't have staples in the hem any more!!! Do you think that sounds like a sewer Renee?

    SE and Jane I wish we had a shop that sold lovely fabrics within 200 k's!!!

    I can't possibly make do, poor Maggie has decided our bed is a comfy place for her sore bones and she has left marks that won't come off, and torn a hole in the middle.
    Perhaps I will surf the net looking for fabric now!!!! and a sewing fairy might just turn up!!


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