Monday, October 18, 2010

Thing I have to tell No 2......

This is a story for Renee Finberg

Once upon a time
I was like every little girl
who wanted to have
a pony of her own
to ride!!

Fortunately the circumstances 
of my family were such
that I had that pony
and a few more as well

and I grew up in the show ring
in both riding and led classes

                                                        Debbie Dunbar artist

and perhaps I took
 the love of that first pony
just a bit too far
because I made Top 
(who knew nothing about ponies!)
have ponies too!!!

                                                                                                     Welsh Mountain pony from popsters. com
Bless him he was wonderful with them
 and he became the best
riding teacher at the local pony club
and really taught those kids
how to look after their
beautiful animals

                                                                                                                              Australian pony from Google
But eventually life got in the way
as it does (thank goodness)
and I found babies and moving back to the city
didn't make ponies a good fit any more

                                                                                                                               Australian pony from Google
It was hard to give them up totally
 so I did a terrible thing........
I became 

a breed pony judge!!!

Welsh Mountain ponies and Australian ponies
were my breed of choice
but for my sins

                                                                                                                                        Shetland pony from Google

I generally ended up with
the Shetlands as well!!!

I have not been into the show ring with the ponies
for over 15 years now
instead we have chosen a slightly smaller animal
with our Borzoi and Saluki and
entered the dog world
but I promise
I will
NOT become
a dog breed judge!!!!!!!



  1. I don't believe you.
    Don't know why - maybe all those wonderfully researched photos - maybe 'once an animal lover, always an animal lover'
    Do keep us informed!

  2. It takes 14 years to become an all breeds judge in NSW so they tell me!!!!

    I think by then the walking frame might frighten the dogs!!!!

  3. Such lovely pictures and post. Julienne, if you want to make collages, download PICASA. It's free and so so easy to use. Download your pictures, click collage and its done. If I can do it, anyone can.

  4. Priceless, just priceless. And I am completely useless when it comes to things equine, but they're beautiful to look at!

  5. Julienne, you crack me up! I love animals! I so wish I could give my kids a horse, but, alas, they have 3 dogs (one of which I swear is a teacup horse!)

  6. Mary Ann I will try the Picassa I think I have it downloaded fact I have only just discovered it!!
    Katie you preferred dangerous weapons to ponies my Darling!!!
    Kerry they are indeed beautiful but now too big and strong for me
    Karina one of our dogs Maggie is the same size as many a Shetland I had in the ring!
    Thank you all for dropping by
    and be very impressed that I have answered you here as you will see in my next THING to be revealed!!!!!!!!!

  7. I used to have a Shetland! His name was Rainy Day and he was my best friend. I miss that pony :-)

  8. I love horses but only from afar. Haven't had the great fortune of riding since I was in Jr. High school / : You constantly amaze me!!

    People who love animals are marvelous people xx

  9. jules....
    what a great hug from you,
    and just when i needed one.

    thank you my sweet friend.
    this was a beautiful post.

    sweet dreams xx


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