Thursday, September 30, 2010

black dogs and body art...!

Not so long ago 
I found a photo
 I felt I just had to share
and today when the 'black dog'

                                                                by Rachel Howard

came creeping along 
peering over my left shoulder
and trying to grab my attention
I went for a wander on Google
 to see if I could find more on 
body art
 and found these

I'm sure this is what I look like as I meditate
in an attempt to get the 'black dog' to leave

and it took  a while before I actually
 knew what I was looking at here,
giving the black dog permission to back off
and lie down!

and maybe this is a tattoo 

By the time I had finished looking  
and falling in love with brown and blue as a colour way
 the black dog
had become more like this

Small white and totally irritating but 
also... totally manageable!

Dodie Smith said
Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression. 

for me it is Blogging

! ! !
Thank you all for just being here 
and once more I am linking to

Jenny Matlock and Alphabet Thursday.



  1. What a cool post to read... We all love our dogs.

  2. Love dogs....but that body art is REALLY something!!

  3. Glad to hear the black dog backed off! Lovely post and fascinating photos

  4. I've seen shows on body art and how terribly long it takes. They have competitions world wide...really fascinating stuff. My black dog wandered in my life a year and a half ago and decided to stay. She's my blessing.

  5. Wow love the body art...Know all about the black dog, from an out/offsiders perspective. Love the books 'I had a black dog' and 'living with a black dog' by Matthew Johnstone. These are great for everyone, especially those new to the whole experience. The white and manageable pic is very cute. Thanks for sharing.
    Rebecca x

  6. Thanks for dropping by it does marvels for my state of mind when people call by! My black dog is a new and fortunately infrequent visitor for me but here, where we have had ten years of drought and now look as though the best crops we have had in years could be destroyed by locusts, depression is a really serious problem amongst our young men.
    if you are interested in more info this is a good site
    Haven't worked out how to link here yet! Love you all Julienne xx

  7. The black dog looks a little poor, lol but I like what the little white dog did ! My cat did the same once !

  8. Very cool b post...

    Some of that is a little scary, but interesting nonetheless...

  9. I've never heard this expression so I
    was totally baffled, then an ah-hah moment. I suffer from "black cat" moments, throat closing panic, I struggle to swallow, blurt out I'm okay and then I am. Funny and miraculous.

    Come to dinner we'll laugh it all away.

    xo Jane

  10. i know YOU KNOW.....
    we have so much in common.
    i loved this post-
    the freaky images are divine.

    as far as depression goes....
    it is 'in the air' i am thinking,
    or at least it is 'in the air'
    by your house and mine.

    real big
    hugs xx

  11. Wow! I honestly can't decide whether I am enthralled or repulsed by the body art! I have to admit that it is pretty incredible.

  12. Love the body art but would never wear it. I hope things are looking up for you.

  13. Actually, the white dog is more my type!

  14. "Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression." Very true!

  15. Glad these fun images send that naughty dog packing!
    Millie ^_^

  16. Julienne, as always you got it right! Blogging is the best cure for our dark moments and sadly..we all have them!
    P.S. OH yes, small, white and totally.. irresistible !
    Hugs and have a nice weekend my friend

  17. Whatever works - and blogging works pretty well! Thanks for putting your black dog banishing out there for us to enjoy.

  18. Wow. What an intense stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    It took me a little bit to figure out what you were referring to but after I did I have to tell you I agree.

    Turning outward always scares the black dog away, at least for me.

    Turning makes him hunker down for a long visit.

    Thanks for this wonderful and thought provoking post.


  19. I too did not understand the black dog reference, but once I figured it out I'm glad we finally met up with the pesky little white one.

  20. Ooooh provocative body art...can you imagine the time??!

    Enjoy your "small white dog"!

  21. Ok, love the pooches not such a big fan of the body art...but hey, that is just me.

  22. Beautiful artwork! Have a great day, Kellie xx

  23. Understand exactly about black dogs.... I agree that blogging does help as does the support of close friends and blogging buddies... Also (don't laugh) knitting - I find it relaxing and I have to concentrate hard on it too! Wishing you a good week. x

  24. i am looking......
    which one????

    write me


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