Monday, September 13, 2010

history for sale...but not to me...damn!!!

We are on the search for a new home
which makes the real estate sites
my favourites
(next to my blogging sites of course!)
so I thought
I would show you,
each week,
some of the amazing properties 
I find
like this one

this is Dysart house
in Kempton Tasmania
which is within easy commute of Hobart

It has been extensively renovated

has a coach house and stables

and sits on 5.8 hectares

these are just some of the 22 rooms!

The style is Greek revival or Georgian

and it still appears to have all it's beautiful
Georgian windows

The agents are asking for expressions of interest!

the colours throughout are just wonderfully lush
I would like it fully furnished thank you!
so I could sit here for the recital each night
note the harp!

The kitchen appears to have retained the cupboards
from an earlier period,
 maybe when it was a girl's school
but that just might be a very clever renovation job!

I would not like to have to clean the windows would you?

some of the walls seem to have been left with
their original finishes which I really like in
homes of this age
Old for Australia!

I could spend more than

one night in any of the bedrooms

and this bathroom here is not too shabby either!!!

if you want to find out more go 

Many of the places I look for property
 are areas that we have previously lived in
so I can tell you that I know this house
I know where it is sited
 and I have admired it for a very long time
I could once have lived here,
run it as an upmarket bed and breakfast
or boutique hotel,
but I would have to have done it twenty years ago!!!!

I hope you will enjoy my property tours
now and in the future!



  1. Julienne, thanks so much for the sweet comments. Love this home. It is big yet homey and warm. Love those beautiful beds! Good luck house shopping.

  2. bon chance Julienne!!!
    I'll be doing a sleep over at the Maison Blanche when I'm in DC this weekend...

  3. That was fun! What an amazing house. I love some of the wall colors and the richness of the rooms.

    Thank you so much for visiting me, I hope you will come back!


  4. Plenty of room for books and for me to visit. perfect!

    Hmm, about that price...

  5. What a great idea Julienne, I often thought of doing the same when I look thru the English Country Home magazines. Amazing houses for sale...although I am not looking, just dreaming. This house could be featured as well. I have been thru a couple of National Trust properties around the London area recently and noticed the use of colour in the rooms. I wonder what they would think of all our neutral tones today?

    Many thanks for your kind birthday wishes :)

    Jeanne xx

  6. Thank-you for your comments on my blog. Your real estate tours are great. Bring on more!

  7. Go on it. I'll come to visit...damn, I'll come and help you run it!!

  8. stables?
    did someone say 'stables?'
    i will move into the stables,
    i hope you won't mind.

    xx it'll be'll see

  9. Julienne,
    This is a great post! Reazlly! The room painted red is my favorite one!! So cozy!!!
    Julienne,thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today!!!


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