Monday, September 6, 2010

a catering we will go...!

As a group,
 formed to raise money
 in aid of aged care,
 health and disadvantaged youth
in our town
our original charter said no catering


that lasted about 5 minutes didn't it
and  now all we do is catering

we are home and family cooks
some of us with a great interest in food
some with a great sense of style
all of us willing to work our hearts out for a good cause


 I thought you might like to see how we went
organising  a birthday  buffet  lunch for 70

The day was beautiful and the venue was this
hand crafted three sided shed 

setting the tables takes about
2 hours and the hostess wanted it simple

finally getting there

but twining the happy wanderer
 down the middle took longer than we thought!

but at last it was finished


these are our sweet savoury mince pies
 forgot to take photos of the rest!!!


our incredibly beautiful pumpkin salad


Oh dear I keep forgetting to take the photo at the beginning


and whilst the guest were eating we all sneaked out the back
for our own lunch of salad roll and a wee small drink!




  1. Love this. I would help if I were there.

    Never heard of a pumpkin salad....

    Everything looked beautiful.

    xo Jane

  2. Oh! Mince pies! I hope you enjoyed your "wee drink".

  3. Oooh, looks gorgeous! Wish I'd been there! xxx

  4. Don't you all look fabulous in your stylish black and white! And the food looks pretty alright as well :)

  5. wow....
    that is overwhelming to me.
    how ever did you get through that?
    ...besides one setting at a time.

    the food looks marvelous as did everything else.
    and btw, it looked like a fabulous gathering.

  6. Wow Julienne, this all looked fabulous! The table setting is simple but beautiful and the photos of the food look amazing! It must have been such hard work, but I bet everyone had a marvelous time! ~ Tina x

  7. May I just say that as much time as it took to trail the happy wanderer, it was well worth it. Visual eye-candy. I'd have fainted when I heard 70.

  8. Country cooks are just the best - I'm sure you'll rock the local foodie world with your combined expertise Julienne.
    Millie ^_^


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