Sunday, September 5, 2010

flowers and friends.....

A lover of all things floral am I,
A gardener I am not

One friend has suggested that the only hope for our garden
 is to pull it all out and start again

But my garden grows as do my friendships
with things and people I love
and just because they may
not be what everyone else thinks is perfect
does not mean they do not have beauty all of their own.

Take my current floral arrangement (?)
it does have that rather casual just stuck in look!

Yellow oxalis and periwinkle!

The periwinkle lasts for about a week

the oxalis, bless its little heart closes up late in the afternoon
 and next morning opens wide again
 and has been doing that for two weeks now

Actually I am off to check on it...maybe it's taking root in the water!!!

and if it is
 I will be thrilled 
as it adds such bright cheery colour
on these bleak first days of spring



  1. Totally charming little arrangement. I would have not thought to use either, yet they work.
    Ohhh, you've got spring coming...

  2. I love that you have a flower that closes and reopens with each new day! I wish daylilies lasted in water the way the oxalis does.

  3. A sign of spring! I am looking forward to anything that brings a little sunshine and color. I love the oxalis, and how they open and close at the right times of day. Im sorry to hear the news about Maggie. I was thinking of you, and hoping for the best. We are very close to our pets and they are a huge part of our home and everyday life, I can only imagine how upsetting the news must have been. But on a positive note, as you said, making she is comfortable and going ok is the priority.She will have lots of cuddles with you to come. A big hug for Maggie. Hope you have a good week and enjoy your spring blooms.
    Rebecca x

  4. I love periwinkle, you put it to good use here.


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