Friday, September 10, 2010

Looking for something new!

here's hoping
when we actually start looking
for our new home
that something like this 
is still on the market

Scone, contact agent

at first I wondered about the posts only half painted
 but as I keep looking at these I like it more and more! 

Scone, contact agent

I just love the open spaces the white
 and the mellowness of the timbers

Scone, contact agent

and whilst I keep hoping that this will still be available here
(not likely!)
the sad fact is that we could not afford it anyway
(sob, sob, sob!)



  1. This is gorgeous. I'd snap it up in an instant. Here's hoping you come into some cash really soon.

  2. There's absolutely no way I would have picked that as being in Scone! It's gorgeous, and I will keep extremities crossed for you that you find something as wonderful when you begin the hunt!

  3. What a gorgeous home..Love the large open rooms and those ceilings/beams. Keep looking Julienne, its out there! Have a lovely weekend.
    Rebecca x

  4. Oh but its nice to dream and to look.. !! Such a fabulous house Julienne... x

  5. It's gorgeous, what an incredible open space. I'm with you, I like the posts half painted like that. Hope you're well..have a lovely Sunday..Rachaelxx

  6. What a stunning home Julienne, I can see why you are smitten!! ~ Tina x


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