Saturday, July 31, 2010

lovely surprises


the eating and making off
have become my new passion.

The last lot I made were just about perfect
 and if I could upload our images from our camera
 I would show you
 but we do seem to be having just a wee problem with that.
 Every time I do so the computer goes into fatal error and crashes!!
Anyway that was not the point of this story

The point is I went to check a page 
I knew I had bookmarked on the making of Macarons....
to compare of course!

I searched and 
I searched and
 one hour later I found!!

Do you have 100's of bookmarked pages?

because, really, this was ridiculous 

I didn't even remember what half of them were
so slowly and painfully, I checked each one and went
whoa stop there OK you can stay...
and so on till I came to this site here

These images make me think of summer and family
 and I just wanted to throw open my door
 and welcome these rooms right in

I am only half way through the bookmark file
 so I will now trundle back and see what else I can find
who knows 
there could be all sorts of beautiful things
 still waiting to be rediscovered!!!!!



  1. Julienne, it is like decompressing looking at these lovely images. They do say welcome and take a respite here!!! happy weekend,Kathysue

  2. OMG. White is my newfound love for décor with a hint of turquoise!!! Julianne, thank you for visiting me today! ENJOY YOUR WINTER, it is coming to an end, isn't it? Anita

  3. OOOOOH how clever - can't wait to see your pics of your macaroons and the other photos you posted are just as delicious in a different way.... what a wonderful house. x

  4. Love it - I could live there.

  5. You tickled me about your list of favorites...I do the same thing, tons of pages! My husband can't bear to look, he just doesn't understand!

  6. OHh I want to see your macaroon pics and get the recipe too! I'm your newest follower!

  7. Lovely post...glad I found you..following now..K

  8. these are great images.
    my most recent client wants all greys in her new home.

    these images are an inspiration to me.

    ps speaking of bookmarks.....
    i am horrible at that-
    i always have to delete them.
    if only i could delete situations!
    hahahaha xxxx

  9. I think I'll have to save every picture, this house is so beautiful..Rachaelxx

  10. These are lovely pictures. So relaxing.
    I am a first time visitor and now a follower.
    My little rosebud icon has disappeared so you will see me as a follower in the generic silhouette. You have a lovely blog and I look forward to following along. When you have a chance please stop by my blog and say hello.


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