Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The perfect evening

It's late,
I'm tired
the day's not over yet!

but here's how it should be

a glass of whiskey
(no ice thank you and make it a double!!)

 sitting here

or maybe here

then a nice hot bath
 with lots of rose scented oil
the fire lit, of course

or maybe here 
(but this would need the maid to lay out my night robe
and I don't want to have to see anyone tonight!)

so back to here 
for a long soak!

then into this chair
 to do my homework
 for the next 40 minutes
(supposed to lie on the floor but my back is too sore!!)

then I will climb in here 
where, the plain simplicity and beauty
will allow me to sleep...
 perchance to dream, of a better world

or maybe, I will curl up here with a good book
(The Holiday  by Erica James is the current one)
for just a few minutes 
before dropping of into a dreamless slumber 

and so begins the perfect evening!!!!!!



  1. Hi Danielle
    do you mind me coming over and sit there with you? I'll be quite , promised!!
    Hugs and goodnight my darling
    xx Flaviana

  2. I'll trade you the whisky for a glass of red, but I'm racing you for that bath! I do hope you get a good night's sleep...I must head that way myself before I fall asleep at the desk and get nasty keyboard dents in my face :)

  3. hehe, you had me nodding at the whisky - just how i take it too!

  4. You are all welcome to join me as long as you say nothing, breathe only when instructed and if any of you come near either bath before me I will scream blue murder!!!! Thanks for visiting you are all Darlings.

  5. Can I join the party too? It's been a while since I went to a slumber party :-)

    Leeann x

  6. Sounds dreamy... I hope you got the break you needed!

  7. What a wonderful bathroom... how fantastic - looks too perfect for words.. and yes, think I will take the glass or red but everything else - yes please!x

  8. i agree...nothing but, and just what i will do...bath and moscato for me! verbena cottage

  9. the bath with the fireplace looks just right for me!

    i am crazy for that space.

  10. wow. can i have this evening too? where do i sign up?
    happy friday hunny!

  11. Thanks for the sweet comments on House of Turquoise!! It brought me to your sweet blog ~~

    xoxo Laura

  12. Gosh Julienne I was almost asleep at the desk just reading this post - it had a very hypnotic effect on me. So much beauty here, big sighs.
    Millie ^_^

  13. You're right - this really would be the perfect evening! Would just have to be sure I had someone on standby to keep that gorgeous fire in the bathroom crackling along nicely. Leigh


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