Tuesday, April 27, 2010

decisions again!!!!!

I am curled up here
with the sun streaming through the windows
 a small fire in the grate
'the girl with the dragon tattoo'
in my hands

A friend lent me the book a week ago
  I was not going to read it
 I had far too much to do!
Sat down with a cup of coffee tonight...
picked it up to glance through...
so at least I could say I had looked at it!!

That was
 three hours ago!!!

when am I going to catch up with you all again?
it has to be Blogs or Books 
a decision must be made!



PS. Have you read it yet will I be able to put it down?


  1. I was talking to a friend last night and she said she has to put herself on a limit of blogging. Like Okay at 2:00 I am stopping,hehe. It is an addictive activity that is for sure but I think it is a good addiction to have I sure can think of worse. Enjoy your book we will be here when you are done, Have a good day,friend, Kathysue

  2. Oh yes, I've read it...and the two that follow. They are addictive I'm afraid...as is blogging. It's a dilemma I face as well...guess it's about allocating time for each and sticking to it...yeah right! Let me know if you work it out Julienne...please?!

  3. You will love it Mama! Particularly if you can get past the first 200 pages - think it could have done with some heavier editing! The twists are awesome, and you'll be wanting to get a hold of book 2 before the end of this one! xxx

  4. Now if that were my living room, I'd never leave!
    A a complete bibliophile, and newly addicted blogger, I think you can fit both in - just forget about sleep altogether! K xx

  5. I know what you mean about blogs or books...or husband..ha ha. Not enough time with little ones (or when you're working as you are)..Rxx

  6. Julienne You are already totally COOL!! You can hang with me anytime. Thanks for being such a faithful reader of my blog and being such a supportive blogging buddy with a lot of cool factor, Kathysue

  7. ditto ditto ditto

    and i love your signature.


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