Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I was just wondering.....

I saw these two photos tonight

 and wondered...

Do you think the owner of this house 
knows what it is like to
walk in those front doors laden down with grocery shopping?

(I want the ceiling)

I just loved
this beautiful, over the top, bedroom

but I wondered

why the bed
looks lost
Are the lamps too big?
should there be a larger bed head?
should there be more pillows?
were they being restrained because the rest of the room is
so baroque?

                                                                                                               photos from real estate listing

I was  just wondering

 what do you think?



  1. Julienne, that was too good...such images you put in my head! And yes...that bed head is completely ridiculous. Would knock over old(er) ladies for the chandelier and rugs though!

  2. The ceilings are too high lol..

    Leeann x

  3. I think you're right, the lamps and bed height need to be somewhat in line. The bed needs a bit more oomph doesn't it? Rachaelxx

  4. Julienne!
    I think that if I lived in a house with a grand entrance like that I wouldn't even think of doing grocery shopping myself ;)
    and.. that bedroom is probably bigger than my apartment!!
    xo, Flaviana

  5. I think that room needs more furniture and the chandelier is too low plus ---- did they run out of money???
    Buy more pillows or get a big dog! LOL

  6. Kerry, I AM the little old lady you would be knocking over but let me tell you I am a fighter!!!
    Leeann, couldn't agree more I live with that height ceiling just try heating a room that size!!
    Rachael, masses more, it looks kinda sad there.
    Flaviana imagine the staff you would need to just keep it clean forget about the shopping and cooking!
    Lady jicky I like the big dog idea and yes the chandelier seems to take over the whole room but maybe that's the photographer!!
    Thank you all for visiting I just love to hear what you think xoxo Julienne


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