Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Very busy at the moment

house needs cleaning
washing needs doing
can I wear it without ironing...NO

leave home at 7.30a.m 
arrive home at 7.30p.m

phone calls to make
meeting minutes to check

steal half an hour for myself
race to the computer

click on to my favourites
scan quickly
catch up with friends
 make a short comment
find a new site

looks good

swear at my new glasses
change to old glasses
clean new glasses
get closer to screen
nose resting against screen
not a good feeling

still cannot read the bloody thing.


remember that for 
 you need

those pretty pale greys.
soft yellows
pale greens
tinted backgrounds
and small type

make for a difficult read.
No matter how good the content 
I currently don't have time 
the patience to try
 and I click off
what a pity
 because when I do have time
though still not the patience
I won't know where to find you again!


PS is the red hard to read should I switch to black?


  1. Julienne I just found out if you hold down the ctrl button and press the plus sign the print and everything will get bigger. It was a great discovery and I thought of you immediately!! Try it! New glasses are hard to get use too, especially if you don't wear them all the time. If you take them off and only wear them to read it is almost impossible to get use to them. Good luck my dear. I like black printing myself but it is your blog and you need to like it!! I hope your day gets better!! Kathysue

  2. too funny. the daily routine - sounds a lot like mine!

  3. Are you talking about my day??!! ;)
    xxx Flaviana

  4. Love you and this post. Can totally read the red. Can totally laugh at all of this. Back to work.

  5. Julienne you make me laugh... hope you can read my blog - did a few tweaks about a month ago... yes, I can read your red type face no problems...Hope your week calms down a little! x

  6. J...I'm dying with laughter over this. Because it used to be ME. And, Kathysue...I didn't know this either, about CTRL +. Too good.
    Red is cool. Well, you know it's hot, but because it's hot, well then it's also cool.
    xx's Marsha

  7. Ha ha, very funny! I designed my blog just for you honey..Rxx

  8. Julienne, I am the same way. If I can't read it then I move on. It is way too hard to try and focus on that pale writing or black with red print drives my eyes NUTS! These folks need to make it easier to read, for sure.


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