Friday, April 16, 2010

I must remember......!

Truly, I am the most dreadful blogger

We had an early start this morning (6.00am!)
to a glorious day
at the Forbes dog show

 and I had planned to do
 a really beautiful doggy blog
small problem.....
two hours into the trip I realised


is this not the most basic rule of all bloggers

Take your camera everywhere?


so I found these in my files to share with you
The top middle looks just like my Souk

                                                                                   being shown rather badly here

This is what our shows look like....
 not like this


I was also checking out a new breed of dog
 that I would quite like
They are little,
 but think they are giants
they are incredibly intelligent,
 but have a mind of their own
they can be unbelievably funny looking
 but also incredibly beautiful 
here see what you think YES or NO?

Now I did say funny looking 
and she was having a very bad day
 as her sister 
the black and white powder puff
 was getting all the attention!!!!

I had better show you these

These are the hairless Chinese Crested Dog
aren't their boots and hair dos just as cute as cute?
They are very hot little dogs
 and their skin does need some careful attention
but their personality is
So do I
 or don't I?

Now I am going out to put my camera in my bag
where it can stay for evermore



  1. Julienne, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hehe. Have a great weeekend and thank you so much for your sweet comment on my 100th post I so appreciate you constant support and bloggy friendship, Hugs Kathysue

  2. you must obey the blogger's rule- just kidding! lovely photos just makes me wanna go and find my little gretchie and hug her. you have a great weekend!... maryann

  3. I am not sure that they would be great in the Australian sun though would they? I would be worried about that.. perhaps you should have another Saluki? x

  4. Julienne dear! How lovely to meet you, and at such a glorious birthday. Thank you for coming by; how did you find me? I have a chum from Australia, you know her? Thank you again for stopping by and please come again! Love the pictures of the dogs....Anita

  5. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! I love you Mother and will accept most things, but you are not to entertain the idea of one of these puppies!!! Maggie and Souki would not tolerate them, and I hate to think how delicious Wells and Winnie would find them for supper!!! xxx

  6. I think they're kind of scary looking. And they would need much more grooming and pampering than I have time for, even for myself. Do you think I'm just jealous?

  7. I was just talking to a Chinese lady on Friday who has one!!!!
    She was waiting for her husband outside of Safeway (he was buying vege to make a side dish for their crested! LOL Told me Bok choy is good for them! So I bought some for my two dogs - they love it with other veges!) Anyway - her dog was lovely, he had a quiet personality and she got him from the pound/RSPCA. Pure breed too!
    So , I do not think the grooming is a big thing at all!!! I have a peke and a shih tzu x malt - now THAT is Grooming! there is a "but" - they need to have cream put on their body for they have VERY dry skin. Jumpers in the cold (I am in Melb. and this guy would make Paris Hilton green with envy. I see him in lots of different coats!LOL) and in the sun you need to put SUNBLOCK on them!!!
    Otherwise - go for it! Not many around like my peke and we need them to not disappear!

  8. Well I am glad that you found me! Glad to come by again and hope to see more of your photos from future dog events and such!!!!Have a glorious Monday, which I am sure is getting started chez vous!


  9. i love the powder puffs.

    they are so stylish!!


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