Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crash and burn....!

In spectacular circumstances
would be a good way to go


first the modem...
then the computer
gave a last heaving gasp
and quietlycollapsed

our computer just could not cope
with the weather
we are currently having here

We have dropped it into
computer hospital but they are not

Alas, a new computer is not high on our
priority list just at present
so I may be missing for a while.
I guess that means I will have lots to catch up with
when we are back on air.

Depending on how long I will continue to drop in here
at the local library on a Saturday morning

Kerry keep knitting,
Jane keep the flowers coming,
Tina, I will miss your next great thing
Sharyne I hope everything is OK
Renee, what will I do without you!

I will miss you all but be back eventually


  1. Oh nooooooo! I will get the tom-toms out while I look forward to your replacement 'puter sometime, somehow. At least you'll get a lot of books read:)

  2. Goodnight? Can you hear me? See you on Saturday I hope. We miss yu.

    xo Jane

  3. Dearest Julienne,

    Well, I had the same problem and within a couple of days we'll install our new PC. We got it with a discount from Costco (wholesale) as it was on the shelf; without box. Good deal. So we took it after having tried it and we were impresses with its speed and ability. At home however the harddrive proved to have problems all of a sudden. So sending it back for repair (3 years warrenty however!). Sunday I will know more and hope I will gain lots of hours with a fast working bundle!

    Lots of love and good luck.


  4. jules
    don't even talk like that!!!!
    you can not disappear for any length of time.
    what will i do without my true blue girlfriend.

    i hope to god things settle down.
    xxxx and a giant long hug to you :(

  5. Oh Julienne! I hope that your computer can be saved and you will be back with us ASAP. I will miss you sweet friend. Huge hugs to you for a wonderful week! Until next Saturday..... (thank goodness for public libraries, I say!!) Take care ~ Txx

  6. Oh no, Julienne! Hope your computer issues get resolved soon.

  7. We'll be waiting for you Julienne... and hope the computer can be fixed.....xx

  8. Hang in there! We'll look for you from the library!

  9. Oh no! See you when you get back, hopefully it's not too long..Rachaelxx

  10. Hi Julienne - I know just how you are feeling. Our power and internet only came back on a couple of days ago so I have been spending every evening since catching up on everything that has been happening here in blogland. Everyone's lives seem to move so quickly these days - just blink, and you miss a huge chunk of what is going on. I will be thinking of you Saturday, sitting there at the Library. Sending you lots of hugs and well wishes. We have survived Yasi and live to fight another day! Hopefully you will be back on air soon. ;)Sharyne
    PS Am wondering about the sale. Did it go through?

  11. Julienne, I have been thinking of you and missing seeing you around blogland. Now I see why. So sorry for the demise of your computer. I hope it all gets resolved soon. Miss you,Kathysue


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