Monday, February 28, 2011

I did promise I'd try....!

Jane does this count?????

I have a secret to confess
but before I tell
Jane you must promise you will still speak to me



I have terrible trouble picking flowers or pruning shrubs
the reason I have trouble is...

I am not totally convinced that it is painless
to the said shrub or flower!!!!!

What if the plant is soundlessly screaming
 as I have at it with the secateurs?

Dumb...I know....really dumb!

but every time I go to cut
I get this terrible picture in my head and just can't do it.


that is the reason for my dashing pink paper roses!
and why I enjoy this in my garden 

Now to see really beautiful floral arrangements in the home
go to

and just enjoy her utterly charming blog



  1. OMG, I never know what I am going to find when I come to visit.

    I can't assure you either way about the feelings of said shrubs and flowers.

    But if it were so, after my garden clean up yesterday, there are a lot of wounded soldiers out there.

    I hope the screaming doesn't keep you awake:)

    xo Jane

  2. Don't apologize for your tender heart! And, your yard is lovely!

  3. There is some science that says that there's a change in something-or-other in trees when one is cut down nearby. Someone measure it. I believe it.

  4. I think paper indoors and flowers outdoors is just fine. Jane won't mind. That lush bush (tree?) in your yard is beautiful.

  5. Oh Julienne you are so funny! But I suppose we don't know do we, really? (if it hurts the plant / shrub?!!)... XX


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